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HDR News Flash: Romney Sends Campaign Bus to Help with Hurricane Relief

This is the kind of leadership we need!  Romney Using Bus For Storm Relief Efforts

Where’s Preezy?  He’s “monitoring” the storm from the White House, no doubt upset because he can’t golf or party with Beyonce and Jay Z.  And the last time Obama “monitored” a disaster it didn’t turn out well (see the previous post on Benghazi)

Hey Barry, maybe that’s why you can’t get crowds like this:  Pics show Huge Crowds Braving Frigid Temps To Support Romney/Ryan In Ohio

Hump Day Report: “Hard-News” Journalism Gets a “Pass”

ALOHA, ALL!!  Interesting.  Obama came out swinging (like a doomed, desperate, has-been clinging to a life-line.)  Against debate rules, he even had his own cheering section, thanks to Michelle and Candy.  Obama, who promised a more “feisty” performance, seemed  over-the-top most of the time.  It didn’t go well.  I could re-invent the wheel and write my own text, but my blogging buddy NEO said it all perfectly:

“OK, we had the second debate last night. They mostly covered domestic stuff, it’s important and you can find the breakdown all over the place this morning, if you’re interested. Here’s the thing, for the most part, it doesn’t matter. Obama‘s been President for nearly four years, we know what to expect. Romney/Ryan have good sensible plans which are unlikely to survive intact contact with Congress. Mostly what we are electing here is the man we think will be the better leader. It more about philosophy than anything else. Both men are known quantities.” Read more HERE

LOVE this reaction from Frank Luntz’s focus group in Las Vegas!!! 

More debate re-cap:

Candy Crowley’s Moderator Role Under Scrutiny Before Tuesday Town Hall  “According to the debate-format language in the agreement, after each audience question and two-minute responses from the candidates, Obama and Romney are expected to have an additional discussion facilitated by Crowley. Yet her participation is meant to be limited…Crowley seems unfazed by the behind-the-scenes maneuvering. Even after concerns were raised in the wake of the Malveaux interview, Crowley made additional comments that make clear she does not feel bound by any agreement between the commission and the Obama and Romney camps.”

Candy’s Not Dandy  “…She interrupted Obama nine times, but she squelched Mitt Romney fully 28 times…But the most blatant evidence of bias was her instant “fact checking” of Romney’s quite correct insistence that Obama took weeks to call the Benghazi debacle a terrorist attack. She jumped to Obama’s defense, saying “he did call it an act of terror.  But she was flat-out wrong.”

Michelle Obama Leads Applause For Candy Crowley  “…it has emerged that the applause was not just started by impartial observers, as First Lady Michelle Obama was one of those who led the ovation for Crowley.”  Of course!  The rules for ordinary people don’t apply to Queen Michelle.  Yep – there’s a picture to prove it: 

Obama Begs Crowley For A Bailout On Pension Question  “President Obama was clearly not happy with being questioned about his pension account. But instead of coming up with an answer, the President of the United States actually begged Candy Crowley to come to his rescue. It was quite a sad spectacle but Crowley did not bail him out. His answer was awkward and evasive. Glenn reacts in the clip above.”

Romney’s Secret Blowout  “It was a disastrous debate for President Obama. He may have achieved firing up the base, but the base had already been fired up by Vice President Joe Biden’s bizarre performance in the vice presidential debate. He may have achieved not looking comatose, but instead he looked angry and puerile.”

Dick Morris’ take: 

More good news from the mother of all swing states (Shaka to Scott).  Tracking Ohio’s Absentee Ballot Requests  “…what we know of early/absentee ballot requests in Ohio does not support the current narrative that Ohioan Democratic voters are as enthusiastic about voting in 2012 as they were in 2008. This in turn does not support the current narrative that the Democrats will do better in Ohio in 2012 than they did in 2008.”

Final Thought: “I am a hard-news journalist. That is what I do.”  And:  “Usually you kind of give the President a pass on leaking confidential stuff.”  Candy Crowley

Rather contradictory statements, aren’t they Candy??????


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