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Hump Day Happenings


It’s Hump Day and lots of news, so let’s get to it!!!

The Hillary PR machine is out in full force!  A mini-series…a lunch date with Preezy…trying to distance from Weiner-gate (see below from Carl.)  But if we had an honest media, they would also cover these:  Top 5 Hillary Gaffes You Won’t See in Upcoming Mini-Series.  My favorite is the reset button with Russia.  Yeah….that worked out great!


This one flew under the radar:  Ohio School District Allows Concealed Carry for Principals

So these weren’tPhony Scandals‘??  “They’re killing Big Bird!”  “Binders full of women!”  “Romney put his dog on top of his car!”

Real scandals??  Check this out:  Watchers of Weasels Nominations:  Phony Scandals Edition   I’d say there’s enough there to keep one occupied for a while.


Who’s Larry?  We’ve covered recent obituaries for Vietnam POW and CMH recipient, Bud Day; the father of fracking, George Mitchell. But have you ever heard of Larry Gratwohl? Another man that sacrificed so much for his country.

As written on these pages, the energy bounty before us is no longer a secret. A combination of technology and previously untapped supply. Even the Saudis are scared. And tell me there is no God, in these days and times, living through the last 40 years of lectures and hectoring by the likes of Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Obama. They have all insisted we worship at the alter of “peak oil” – a term used to describe the coming end of energy from the ground. Heresy, indeed. But if you are old enough, imagine how long it will take the zeitgeist to turn of massive government programs, and media liberals before it is acknowledged that our energy future is brighter than thought even 5 years ago? And no thanks, really, to any politician. This boom is being fueled by private sector land, and existing leases of federal land. Sorry, Barry.

Imagine What Happens When Global Warming and Name-Your-Correlation “Science” is Refuted 1,122 Record Cold Temps in USA — in one week… The next thing we’ll know is “change” scientists will tell us Neanderthal DNA exists in modern humans!


This report has tried to remain Weiner-free as much as possible (but notice how determined the media is to knock him out of politics?) If Hillary is behind this media pit-bullishness with her pals, imagine the ashtrays, pots and pans that must be flying today at the Sink Emperor’s Chappaqua residence:  MOVE OVER WEINER: Lewinsky sex recording to Bill surfaces…

Uh oh!  Here is a curiosity. Sharyl Attkisson (Twitter Page) is a CBS investigative reporter. If not THE, certainly ONE of the best. She has led in uncovering many Obama scandals. Almost to the point where CBS had become uncomfortable with her good work. You know – news that is seldom on ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, only to be sheepishly reported after FNC beats them to the scoop. Sometimes BIG NEWS reports actual news, but they don’t give it front page coverage if it doesn’t fit their narratives (the New York Times is Pravda-like in this method – moving sometimes BIG news to back sections, just so they can say it was covered). So Attkisson Tweets the Other Day About  

Congress interviewing “dozens” of Benghazi witnesses

Apparently, CBS maintains an “extended news” web page that looks at stories they have been covering. I don’t think this Benghazi coverage makes what CBS once passed as the Evening News.

Remember when HOME OWNERSHIP was a concern?   Federal Reserve Announces No New Change To Policy, But Flags Low Inflation As A Risk

Think of the Billions Spent, then Ignoring the Russians That Said: Chechnian Radicals You Gave Asylum (and Welfare) to are getting frequent flyer miles on Moscow-to-Boston loop! Why Is The NSA Wasting Time Going After The ‘Typical’ Internet User? Answer the PHONE!

Celebrate Diversity! DC paint vandal suspect is Chinese woman on expired visa 


Thank You, Mr. B – Semper Fi!

Carl with his Dad

Carl with his Dad


Most Important Order of the Day….Yesterday I linked to a post at Nebraska Energy Observer about the Battle of Midway.  It turns out the 91-year-old father of our own HDR contributor Carl is the last known surviving member of  VMSB241 – the Marine Aviation unit that was the first in at Midway. He later joined the unit at Guadalcanal, where he distinguished himself in battle. His unit was also near Pappy Boyington’s 214, and Ace and later governor Joe Foss. FDR even let Lindburg fly a mission with the Marines during that time.  We salute you, Mr. B, and thank you for your bravery and service to our country!

BREAKING: Susan Rice Named National Security Advisor

Obama is “thrilled.”  How lovely for him.  So all you need to do is go out and lie about Americans dying in a brutal terrorist attack and you get a cushy job.  The Peter Principle at work.  Maybe Lois Lerner will be the new UN Ambassador.  Oh wait….that’s Samantha Power.  Wife of Cass Sunstein.  I rest my case.

Carl Writes:

On Today’s IRS Scandal News

Powerline Blog:

Our reader with long-time employment history at the IRS Criminal Investigation Division writes to comment:

The chairman of an anti-gay marriage group testified Tuesday that his organization has proof that the IRS leaked confidential donor details last year, calling for prosecution into what he described as a “felony.” ”
Read more 

He’s right, it’s a 6103 violation and a five- year felony for whoever made the disclosure. If I were that person right now, I’d be a) sweating bullets, lawyering up (and possibly taking Five to Congress) and b) wanting to play Let’s Make a Deal for the name behind door number 1.

Next Week’s News, Today: IRS Commissioner Aided Tax Cheat Congressman

So you know the Tea Party and Conservatives in general have been targeted and abused by the IRS. But do you know some of the left wing causes that are tax exempt and tax deductible?  Gilia Adds (with a Shaka to Scott):  Add terrorist front Group CAIR to that list of tax exempts 

Yes, this is a new scandal: SNEAKY OBAMA AIDES USE SECRET EMAIL (EPA was already caught doing this, but it is much wider – think Nixon’s Watergate tapes, and the 18 minute gap!)


Treachery Has a Face: Tiananmen Square online searches censored by China… (and it’s name is Google)

Finger Wagging 101

Obama the Petulant

Obama the Petulant

Clinton the Prevaricator

Clinton the Prevaricator

Speaking of Lies, How’s That Global Warming Working Out For You?


ALERT THE MEDIA!  NO PARTY @JOE’S PLACE THIS YEAR:  Biden Cancels Annual Summer Party With Reporters  “Though the Biden party has been canceled, journalists are instead expected to be invited to an entirely off-the-record beach party at Eric Holder’s house. Reporters who would like to RSVP in the affirmative are asked to simply pick up their (or their parents) home phones and say “Junior Cronkite is a ‘go’ — repeat, Junior Cronkite is a ‘go’” loudly and clearly.”  LOL!!!!!!


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