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Thank You, Mr. B – Semper Fi!

Carl with his Dad

Carl with his Dad


Most Important Order of the Day….Yesterday I linked to a post at Nebraska Energy Observer about the Battle of Midway.  It turns out the 91-year-old father of our own HDR contributor Carl is the last known surviving member of  VMSB241 – the Marine Aviation unit that was the first in at Midway. He later joined the unit at Guadalcanal, where he distinguished himself in battle. His unit was also near Pappy Boyington’s 214, and Ace and later governor Joe Foss. FDR even let Lindburg fly a mission with the Marines during that time.  We salute you, Mr. B, and thank you for your bravery and service to our country!

BREAKING: Susan Rice Named National Security Advisor

Obama is “thrilled.”  How lovely for him.  So all you need to do is go out and lie about Americans dying in a brutal terrorist attack and you get a cushy job.  The Peter Principle at work.  Maybe Lois Lerner will be the new UN Ambassador.  Oh wait….that’s Samantha Power.  Wife of Cass Sunstein.  I rest my case.

Carl Writes:

On Today’s IRS Scandal News

Powerline Blog:

Our reader with long-time employment history at the IRS Criminal Investigation Division writes to comment:

The chairman of an anti-gay marriage group testified Tuesday that his organization has proof that the IRS leaked confidential donor details last year, calling for prosecution into what he described as a “felony.” ”
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He’s right, it’s a 6103 violation and a five- year felony for whoever made the disclosure. If I were that person right now, I’d be a) sweating bullets, lawyering up (and possibly taking Five to Congress) and b) wanting to play Let’s Make a Deal for the name behind door number 1.

Next Week’s News, Today: IRS Commissioner Aided Tax Cheat Congressman

So you know the Tea Party and Conservatives in general have been targeted and abused by the IRS. But do you know some of the left wing causes that are tax exempt and tax deductible?  Gilia Adds (with a Shaka to Scott):  Add terrorist front Group CAIR to that list of tax exempts 

Yes, this is a new scandal: SNEAKY OBAMA AIDES USE SECRET EMAIL (EPA was already caught doing this, but it is much wider – think Nixon’s Watergate tapes, and the 18 minute gap!)


Treachery Has a Face: Tiananmen Square online searches censored by China… (and it’s name is Google)

Finger Wagging 101

Obama the Petulant

Obama the Petulant

Clinton the Prevaricator

Clinton the Prevaricator

Speaking of Lies, How’s That Global Warming Working Out For You?


ALERT THE MEDIA!  NO PARTY @JOE’S PLACE THIS YEAR:  Biden Cancels Annual Summer Party With Reporters  “Though the Biden party has been canceled, journalists are instead expected to be invited to an entirely off-the-record beach party at Eric Holder’s house. Reporters who would like to RSVP in the affirmative are asked to simply pick up their (or their parents) home phones and say “Junior Cronkite is a ‘go’ — repeat, Junior Cronkite is a ‘go’” loudly and clearly.”  LOL!!!!!!


Payback Time?


Yesterday I wrote about the movie “Hating Breitbart” and how you all should see it.  My Facebook friend and conservative (yes, you read that right – conservative) Hollywood guy Jason Jones put together this little image for me when I told him my favorite line from the movie – LOVE IT!!


A little bit about Jason & his company…Jason is the President and Founder of Movie to Movement  Its goal?  From the website:  We can change culture, but first we must change Hollywood. By going to see Movie to Movement™ promoted films we support good films, and send a message to Hollywood that more need to be made.  Thank you, Jason, for all you do!!!!!

And here’s why we love Andrew Breitbart and why he still inspires itty bitty bloggers like me & Carl – The man was FEARLESS:  Why Andrew Breitbart Walked Into The Fire With Sarah Palin  GO SEE THE MOVIE!  Check for theaters HERE or demand it be shown in your area.  Be fearless.

IS THERE ANY DOUBT WE NEED CITIZEN JOURNALISTS??  The news today about more conservatives with targets on their backs from this administration is chilling.  James Rosen of Fox News and at least two others were targeted because they were doing their jobs? There is a coordinated effort on behalf of this administration to go after its “enemies” – people who don’t agree with them.  And we need to look no further than Valerie Jarrett to figure out who’s pulling the strings.  I have NO DOUBT that she is orchestrating ALL of this, along with the rest of the Chicago cabal of Axelrod and Plouff.  But guess what, Valerie?  Payback time hasn’t even started yet.


More From Carl – 

What will it take?

As you go through these and the headlines of other news you read daily, it is useful to remember if you are over 50 that the charges being levied against Barrack Obama are at least equal to those against Richard Nixon. Yes, some have not been proven with a ‘smoking gun.’ The IRS scandal, for instance. However, and repeating history again, Nixon did not actually get the IRS to cooperate with his attack on enemies. He resigned when it was shown he had attempted to do so. That so many groups and individuals have already come out and shown they were audited or prevented from organizing under 501(c)(4), it appears there was a massive (and successful) operation to suppress the vote.

And if bold faced lies about serious matters like the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, or spying on reporters, are your forte, Barry has been caught dishing them out almost unchallenged. Eventually the weight of those lies, if not the rapidity of them, will be sufficient to begin calls for his removal. Joe Biden be damned. It is that serious.

Finally, the nation is now squarely in dangerous times. Despite the uncovering of rampant corruption and intimidation at the highest levels of government, leaders in both parties are trying to quickly pass legislation that could add up to 33 million currently illegal immigrants into an already over-taxed social welfare system that includes hospitals, schools, law enforcement, and food stamps, to name just a few. Stopping this juggernaut with insufficient protections to our border needs opposition similar to Obamacare, with a reminder to those representatives and senators that would vote for it that it will cost them their jobs. Obama’s corruption isn’t a distraction, but it makes focus on this potential sea change all the more important. It is very Alinsky-like to use multiple crises to take people’s attention away from things.

The Clintons Preceded Obama With Enemies Lists

Immigration “Reform”

Action: Freedom Works (You Can Stop This Amnesty and Corruption Travesty)


Prayers to all the victims of the tornados in Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

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