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Friday Whines




Big Sis Resigns!!!!  Interesting how she waited to do this on a Friday.  This seems to be a pattern in the Obama administration.  Napolitano Quits As Immigration Debate Heats Up  Good riddance.  You’ll fit right in at the California university system.  Oh yeah….Buckeyes will kick your butt on 9/14.

Court Bats ObamaCare Back to Supremes  “The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the Constitution’s Commerce Clause is enough authority for Congress to demand employers purchase private health insurance for their employees or pay government fines.”

Coming to a Porta-Pottie, coffee mug or more soon:  Flush with Federal Cash, ObamaCare Supporters Spending Money on…..  And  Your Tax Dollars Are Going to Fund ObamaCare Ads on Coffee Cups

Salt with that Margarita?  Sure!  CDC:  OOPS, Salt is not Actually Dangerous and Cutting it May Be Harmful

Carl Writes:

Keep an Eye on Obama’s Grueling Schedule Each Day: Here

See What That Glass Of Wine Could Do To Your Face In 10 Years

This Judge is a Real Piece of Work: George Zimmerman’s Prosecutors Want To Charge Him With Child Abuse, And His Lawyer Is Freaking Out

Shocking! IBEW Electrical Workers Can’t Believe What Obamacare Will Do To Their Members
Not The End of Naval Aviators, But The Beginning of the End: This Drone Test Changes Everything About Unmanned Aerial Warfare
Realtor Friends Say This Isn’t The End-All in Getting Your Home Value. But it is Less Expensive Than a Bank Appraisal (and you just want to check your value) 

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Who Is Funnier After Being Fired by NBC)

According to a report from Pakistan, Osama bin Laden wore a big cowboy hat when he walked around his compound to shield him from being seen by U.S. drones. That’s a good strategy. The Lone Ranger wears a cowboy hat, and nobody has seen him anywhere.

The new Lone Ranger movie is not doing well. I understand he’s now asking for asylum in Venezuela.

According to Variety, “The Lone Ranger” could lose up to $157 million. You know how bad it’s doing? Now even the producer is wearing a mask.

According to a U.N. study, 70 percent of Mexicans are overweight or obese. You know how bad it is? Today the Border Patrol pulled over a van and it was packed with two illegals.


Hump Day Report: A Tale Of Two Cities

ALOHA, ALL!!  It’s convention time and it looks like this year will truly delineate the differences between the two parties in so many ways.  First City:  The Republican National Convention opens Monday in Tampa.  With all the talk of  a potential hurricane disrupting the proceedings, I predict the convention will go on as planned and be a huge success.  In fact, rainstorms and less-than-ideal weather bode well for the GOP – it will keep the crazies away.  The Code Pink idiots, Occupy dolts, anarchists and bums won’t want to protest in a driving rainstorm.  Instead, the country will see a unified party with a coherent, positive message for the future.  And Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates who will have voters saying “Yes we will!”

Second City:  The Democrat National Convention opens in Charlotte on September 4.  I think they are secretly hoping for a hurricane!  Their convention has already been plagued with lack of funds, causing them to cut back a day and to move to a smaller venue.  The Dems are touting a line-up of “prominent women” (like Sandra Fluke – seriously?) and are welcoming Islamists with open arms.  Prediction:  anarchists will abound at this commie-fest and voters will be saying “No we won’t!”

Romney Nomination Moved To Monday  “For the moment, it looks like the Republican Party has nothing to fear over Tropical Storm Isaac — but they’re taking no chances. Instead of waiting until the third day of the convention to formally nominate Mitt Romney for President as would be customary, the roll call will take place on Monday.”

Convention, Not Re-Runs!  “It’s official. Neither NBC, ABC, nor CBS is planning to air any coverage of the Republican National Convention opening night on Monday, when Ann Romney will be speaking. Instead?  As Politico noted, ABC and CBS are airing reruns, of  “Castle” and “Hawaii Five-0” respectively.”

Ann Romney Speech May Not Make It Into Network TV Coverage  “POLITICO’s Dylan Byers reported today that ABC, CBS, and NBC have said their Monday night primetime schedule doesn’t include convention coverage. So, “in order to get Mitt’s wife onto television, the campaign may have to scramble and reschedule her speech.”

Biden’s Tampa Visit Strains RNC Security  “It does complicate things. Certainly, it’s not the best day for us because we are trying to do a good job for the people that are going to be down in Tampa for this other event so they are all safe,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee.”  (Good video – fair and balanced!)

Obama Convention Closes Cancer Center  “Democrats are arranging transportation for those who wish to view Obama’s speech. It is unclear if Democrats will also arrange transportation for the displaced cancer patients receiving critical treatments for their life-threatening conditions.”

Radical Islam Joins The DNC  “Starting at the end of this month the Democratic National Convention will open with a focus on Islam. 20,000 Muslims are expected to attend according to the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), the national Muslim American non-profit coordinating the two days of events they claim are non-political.”

Democrat Convention To Feature Prominent Women Speakers  “Collectively, the list of speakers — who join the previously announced speaker, Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren — represents a clear effort by the Obama campaign to drive home the point that one party is tolerant of women’s issues while the other is blind to them.”  Really????  A desperate housewife and a sexually-active law student will do this?

Will The Dem Convention Be Abortion-Palooza?  “Agenda changes show that Democrats will make Akin the poster boy of the GOP and focus the three-day affair on abortion and contraception policy…”  That should get a lot of viewers – NOT!

In Other News:

As a Buckeye, I can’t get enough of this story!  ‘O-I-H-O’:  Obama’s Dan Quayle Moment  “The photo was not flipped or Photoshopped despite what some MSM lapdogs may want us to believe.”  

Pretty good representation of this, don’t ya think????  

Bring it on!  Arizona, Nebraska Take Stand Against Obama’s Amnesty  “The state of Nebraska is following the lead of the state of Arizona in announcing that, in the Cornhusker State, illegal aliens that qualify for deferred action under President Obama’s recent administrative amnesty will not qualify for in-state tuition, welfare benefits, or a driver’s license.”  And:  ICE Agents File Suit Against Napolitano Over Amnesty Program  “Ten federal immigration agents have filed suit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claiming recent directives are forcing them to break the law and ignore their duties when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants.”  YES!!!!

Bubba in the spotlight.  Mark Levin:  Bill Clinton Has The Real Rape Problem  “Levin calls on Barack Obama to yank Bill Clinton as keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention.”  And:  McCaskill On Clinton In 2006:  ‘I Don’t Want My Daughter Near Him.”   

Surprise, surprise.  ‘Independent’ Watchdog On Energy Loans Turns Into Big Obama Donor   “Well, well, well … what a coinky-dink. The man who got picked to review more than $23 billion in Department of Energy loans and gave them a clean bill of health — without reviewing loans to already-defunct Solyndra and Beacon Power — waited a whole two weeks to start donating to Barack Obama’s re-election effort.”

LOVE this!  

Final Thought:  “After four years at the United Nations I sometimes yearn for the peace and tranquillity of a political convention.”  Adlai E Stevenson


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