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Thank God It’s Monday?



Happy New Week – Carl has some great content that he has put together the past few days…..

Meet Your IRS Chief Counsel.  Note: This guy, William Wilkins, should be on the cover of the NYT, and all newspapers across America. He is a political hack.

Someone this political should be an undersecretary of some never-mind bureaucracy. But the IRS general counsel, and second highest political appointment?

I’m sure this list is only partial.  (Click on it to enlarge)


Demagoguery (aka Impeachment Insurance)

It has been established quite well that the George Zimmerman Prosecution team, led by (Republican) Angela Corey, came very close to criminal negligence in not releasing all evidence to the Defense. So Bill Whittle tells us more than someone closely following the case would even know. Let’s call it factual information and some conjecture that fill out a better picture of the who, what, when, and how.

Would all this evidence been allowed in a fair trial? Probably not. For instance, the lack of criminal charges surrounding the contents of Martin’s backpack from an earlier episode, despite their highly suspicious nature. But a text message of Martin’s about how to make a cocktail out of Arizona Iced Tea and Cough Syrup, and autopsy results showing the seventeen year old having some liver damage, would seem relevant. And of course exculpatory evidence benefitting Zimmerman the Prosecution withheld from the Defense (which all Prosecutors must provide).

Go back 35 years Obama cited in his most recent statements to inject himself into the matter. He is living with his grandparents in a high-rise apartment building near Kanehoe, Hawaii (with a view). Granny is either on her way to, or has become, a bank vice president. Gramps is still a failed businessman. But “Pops” is looking for a black role model for young Barry. Enter communist party member (and child molester), Frank Marshall Davis. Barry is attending THE most exclusive school in Hawaii. The school for Hawaii’s elite. Punahou Academy. Barry works at a Baskin Robbins.

If you have spent any time in Hawaii, you know, it is as far away from the racism of the Old South or any other bastion of bad race relations as is Mars. White people are openly referred to as ha-oles (sounds like howlee). But being interracial in 1978 Hawaii, and a member of the elite, can hardly be described as being “down for the struggle.” 

Chocolate mint, or chip?

Now, before ending, here is an irony: Obama has more in common with George Zimmerman than Trayvon Martin. Both Zimmerman and Obama, have or had one white parent.

Complex Economics Explained. Reaganomics: You start a business in your parents’ garage. Obamanomics: You move into your parents’ garage.  Senator Ted Cruz

Worth a Try 

Billboards In The UK Tell Illegal Immigrants ‘Go Home Or Face Arrest’

These Photos Of Detroit’s Golden Age Show How Far The City Has Fallen

Obama told a group of school children that broccoli was his favorite food, and they believed him. Then he told them Obamacare would reduce the deficit and the kids all busted out laughing.
MICKEY KAUS ON THE LATEST IMMIGRATION SPIN: Americans can’t find jobs due to labor shortage!
MICHAEL BARONE: “When people ask me why I moved from liberal to conservative, I have a one-word answer: Detroit. I grew up there, on a middle-class grid street in northwest Detroit and a curving street in affluent suburban Birmingham, and I got a job as an intern in the office of the mayor in the summer of 1967 when Detroit rioted.
Ever See Obama’s Side as Described as “The Left?” Right seeks to force Boehner’s hand on special Benghazi probe That’s Not the Point; This is Last Train Out.
Michael Ramirez Cartoon
Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Gilia Adds:

Whew!  Barry must be exhausted with all that’s going on.  But fear not – another First Family vacation is near:  First Family Returns to Martha’s Vineyard for Vacation While Furloughs Kick In

Hispanic Voters Want Congress to Focus on Border Security  Gee whiz – that’s not what we’re supposed to believe!!!

IRS Admits Breach of Records;  False Tax Lien Used to Defeat Christine O’Donnell in 2010   What a shocking revelation! Not.

Just like a racist!  George Zimmerman Rescues a Family of Four From an Overturned Truck

 God Bless America – Pass This On!!

That Was The Week That Was


It’s Friday and here’s a weekly wrap-up from Carl:

IRS Scandal: Noonan: Bombshell…
This Will Shake Other Cities and Their Debt: Gov unsure if creditors will ever be paid…
Gilia Adds:  Check out what David Freddoso has to say about Detroit….he’s got some good photos, too:
And check out what Rand Paul has to say about Detroit:  Obama Will Bail Out Detroit ‘Over My Dead Body’  
Doing Justice to That Rolling Stone Cover: Policeman releases manhunt photos of Boston bomber…  Gilia Adds:  Once again, covered by British media before US lame streamers.  And I like this picture one of my Facebook friends posted –
“Rachel” McCain Stumped on His Own Bill: McCain Stumped By Question About His Own Immigration Bill… (This Will Leave You Shaking Your Head)
Aussies Take Border Security Seriously: Australia to block boat people…
All You Need to Know About Energy – Chart of the Day: One Beautiful Chart That Tells You Everything About How Energy Is Used In America

From Gilia’s Desk:

And just a few more Trayvon/Zimmerman stories….then I think we’ve squeezed all the juice out of this lemon:
Obama:  ‘Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me’.  Because you were a punk pot-head in high school?  Yeah, we know.
Shaka to Scott for this picture

Shaka to Scott for this picture


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