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What happens when Democrats do outrageous things?  *Cricket Sounds* The media barely cover the abuses & crimes – It’s unbelievable that they can get away with so much.  Sure, some are indicted, convicted and go to jail but it seems to be their MO to act lawlessly then ask for forgiveness….but only if they get caught.  People are really into the TV show “Scandal,”  where a White House insider has an affair with the President (gee…we’ve seen that before haven’t we, Bubba?)  All they have to do is pay attention to what’s going on around them to see that real life is much more disturbing than what happens in fiction.

Four Democratic Lawmakers Either Arrested or Raided by the FBI   This magnificent group includes Patrick Cannon (the Mayor of Charlotte), William Scarborough (NY Assemblyman), Leland Yee (CA State Senator), and  Gordon Fox, (Rhode Island Speaker of the House.)

More on Patrick Cannon

More on William Scarborough

More on Leland Yee and ‘Shrimp Boy’  (This guy’s a real winner.  He’s pro-gun control but is charged with illegal gun trafficking with Muslim terrorists.)

More on Gordon Fox  (He actually resigned.  Imagine that.)

And in a class all by himself, Dirty Harry Reid once again shows his true colorsReid Paid $16,000 in Campaign Funds to Granddaughter For ‘Gifts’   Reid was forced to admit that the “Ryan Elisabeth” on the disbursement funds was actually Ryan Elisabeth Reid, his granddaughter, who supplied jewelry for Reid’s campaign to hand out to supporters.  It gets better:  Reid’s Granddaughter Also Got Nevada Grants for her NYC Theater.  Ryan Elisabeth, in her early 20s and a recent college graduate, describes herself as a “performing arts professional.” In addition to her jewelry company — which is not mentioned on her LinkedIn profile — she also works as an assistant at the Tim Bavington Studio in Las Vegas and as artistic director at Sprat Theatre Company in Brooklyn, N.Y. Donations to the latter organization, which she founded, may raise some eyebrows.


ICYMI:  Obama Arrives in Brussels With a 900-Person Entourage  While First Lady Michelle Obama enjoys her $8,400/night suite at the five-star Westin Hotel in Chaoyang, President Obama is running up quite the tab in Europe. According to The Guardian, the President’s trip to Brussels required a 900-person entourage and cost the city about $10.4 million – no word on how much money the American taxpayers are on the hook for.  Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur explained typical visits and summits run the city about $690,000 (€500,000) in extra police, military and transport expenses. But “you can multiply that figure by 20” Mayeur said of President Obama’s trip.

Nothing’s more scandalous than this:  Deep Budget Cuts May Erode Army’s Ability to Fight Long War The top U.S. Army officer told lawmakers on Tuesday that a return to deep budget cuts as required by law beginning in 2016 would make it difficult for the military to carry out even one extended ground war.  And:  Obama Demolishes Navy Tomahawk, Hellfire Missiles to 0by 2016 – No Replacement.  Admirals Silent

Making this into a scandal was the scandal:  Internal Review Clears Christie in Bridge Scandal  And Christie Says Scandal Hasn’t Altered Political Plans

Nancy Pelosi – Award Winning Eugenicist.  From the “Can the Left be Any More Shameless?” file comes word that Nancy Pelosi, self-described Catholic, will receive Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award….Margaret Sanger considered some races and skin colors to be “undesirable traits.”

And Because Right About Now We Need Someone Genuine and Real …

Carl Adds:

Our federal budget includes economic forecasts for each Fiscal Year out into the future.  This is the projected GDP growth rate for each Fiscal Year, from 2009 through 2013 (Avg. forecast for 2013 3.9%) – Actual 1.9%.  This is partially why there are over 91 million people removed from the labor market because no jobs are available.

If our nation continues to expand government spending, with sub-standard economic growth, something will have to give.



God Bless America – Pass This On!!

The Evil Koch Brothers


They’ve been vilified by the left.  If you didn’t know better you’d think they wore black hats and had greasy mustaches.  They probably like to torture kittens and tie helpless damsels to railroad tracks.  In fact, Harry Reid calls them “about as un-American as anyone I can imagine.”  Those dastardly Koch brothers – what horrible people they must be!  Here’s proof. It’s their response to Harry Reid’s attack on them, a rant from Reid on the Senate floor:

At Koch, these are the things in which we believe: a government of appropriate size and scope such that it allows Americans the freedom and liberty to pursue happiness and well-being—for themselves and their families. We also believe in a government that operates on a balanced budget and does not burden American taxpayers with things like unfunded liabilities and mandates; a government that respects the integrity of our country’s Constitutional principles; and regulatory bodies that don’t impose needless burdens on entrepreneurs and job creators, both large and small.

This topic is worthy of vigorous dialogue and civil debate between people who exercise mutual respect for others with opposing viewpoints. We are disappointed that Senator Reid is attacking private citizens rather than the problems facing this nation. It is no wonder that Americans have lost faith in Congress.

Wow.  They sound awful.  In fact, they are such horrible human beings that they’ve donated more than $300 million to cancer research at such institutions as Johns Hopkins, Sloan Kettering and others.  And how dare they fund the PBS show “Nova” for so many years along with the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History?  They even have the nerve to donate over $150 million to the Museum of Modern Art in NY and the Lincoln Center.  What despicable people they are!  Check out the Koch Foundation website for more.  Of course, the world would be a much better place if everyone was more like Harry Reid.  He’s such a fine, upstanding citizen.  Here’s a great clip from “Fox & Friends” discussing all this:

And if Harry Reid wants to rail against donors who are trying to buy influence, why just single out the Koch brothers?   Why not unions, George Soros and others?  I know….rhetorical question.  But actually, the answer lies in the fact that the Supreme Court agreed with the Citizens United case and upheld free speech.  Obama and his minions have been seething about this ever since and in perfect Saul Alinsky style, found other ways to stifle speech.  In reality when the facts are examined, the Koch brothers don’t even come close to other groups that wield political influence and are in the pocket of the Democrat party:


Here’s a so-called “Koch Brothers Guide” published during the election of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with the intent of smearing all of them.  Frankly, I plan to buy these products from now on.  Note the attempt to slam their father as a founder of the ‘radical right-wing political group John Birch Society.’   I wonder if these geniuses know the Democrat party founded the KKK:



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God Bless America – Pass This On!!

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