The Hump Day Report started during the primary election campaigns in 2008.  Since I’m on the web nearly 24/7, I decided to track what was happening with the various candidates and send  out email updates to a few friends and family.  They sent it to their friends and family…and so on…and so on.  My email list grew as I kept my peeps up-to-date on all things political – the good, the bad and the ugly.  After the general election, I thought about stopping the HDR, but there was such a cry throughout the land, that I was persuaded to continue 😉  What you see now is the next level of the HDR, the HDR blog.

I dedicate this blog to my Mom, a true American patriot:MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

In May 2013, Carl B was added as a contributor to the HDR.  As Carl says:   I am  a former US Marine, father and son of Marines also. Both are my heroes. Last duty station: Kaneohe Hawaii. Retired Risk Manager for a major US utility (I fought Enron). Co-developer of world’s first electric futures contracts, adviser to New York Mercantile Exchange. Education, University of Puget Sound (Tacoma, WA). Married 33 years to Gayle (high school classmate of MRethman). Interests: travel (I am an Australia-born American), sun, and places away from the Oregon rain.Enjoy, and please let me know what you think.

Carl dedicates his blog to the men of the First Marine Special Operations Battalion:Marines

And Marine VMSB 241:


God Bless America – Pass This On- LET’S ROLL!

6 responses to “About”

  1. Freedom, by the way says :

    You’re in CA? You have my condolences, being a conservative. So sad because 20 years ago I would have been envious! Actually, CA is an awesome state, if only the politics weren’t so horrible. Thanks for visiting my blog. I always like to meet conservative bloggers!

  2. Sherry Morin says :

    I like your Blog. Sometimes I think I’m the only Republican in Irvine,CA

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