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Benghazi Wrapped Up In A Bloody Box Of Chocolates



Carl Writes:

Today’s update again focuses on Benghazi. Actually, it focuses more things we know that could make Benghazi understandable.

1. Benghazi was a premeditated and highly executed attack of terrorists on the CIA compound and safe house in Benghazi. From the outset, Obama and Hillary Clinton did everything they could to advance a narrative that was a total lie. Theories abound, as to date, Obama has stonewalled he entire matter except for only small pieces.   Here Comes the $3 Million Benghazi  Tell-All 

2. Hillary’s State Department, under her orders (but wiped fingerprints) had a pattern of reducing the security profile in Libya. Hillary and her highest staff have sought to hide these facts, even being so bold as to using aide Cheryl Mills to try and silence State staff on the ground in Benghazi. This was established in Congressional testimony, given by the senior diplomat in Libya after Ambassador Stevens died. Benghazi Creeps Closer ToHillary Clinton

3. In recent days Libyan intelligence documents have surfaced indicating Egyptian President, Morsi dispatched his own terrorists to Benghazi to take up the fight alongside the terrorists that set up the attack. Evidence of this is in cell phone video and recordings. Hostage Crisis: The Blind Sheikh, Benghazi and Smoking Guns

4. Obama is not an honest broker in these affairs. His family have direct ties to terrorists. Obama’s Brother In Bed With Terrorists. His placement of Morsi in the Egyptian presidency, along with the thugs from the Muslim Brotherhood is increasing the transparency of the Obama Morsi relationship as Egyptians take to the streets by the millions to protest Morsi and Obama. Krauthammer: Obama ‘bystander’ policy on Egypt ‘a shocking position’

Morsi rejects ultimatum

Protesters mass before deadline

Well, well. A new position: Former President Mubarak Tells Morsi to Resign “To Save Lives”

Current Theories on Benghazi:

1. Hillary and Obama had troops withdrawn from Benghazi, in anticipation of a planned terror attack by Morsi and al Qaeda-related terrorists. The terrorists began blocking off intersections before the attack, giving the US ample time to prepare a counterforce.

2. Stevens was a kidnap target, whose location was known. He either died in the complex fire, or was taken to a terrorist-controlled hospital, and killed via chemical injection. His body was then dragged through the streets, and his corpse raped.

3. Shadowy dealings around arms shipments may have set events in motion. It appears someone (Obama, Brennan, Hillary) was trying to arm the Syrian rebels. A steamer landed in Turkey around the same time as the attack (weeks). And the night Stevens was killed he had been with the Turkish ambassador. Turkey is rapidly becoming a bad player in the Islamic world, with its leader using brutal tactics to put down unrest.

4. Hillary, Susan Rice, and another lady (use the term loosely) were the three that did the lobbying for the overthrow of Kaddafi. US involvement in that action likely set off grudges we are only now beginning to comprehend. No matter what, Hillary must be protected at all costs. For now, even Obama is expendible. Or shall we say, he has exhausted his usefullness.

Gilia Adds:

No wonder Hillary had a stroke/fell down/concussion/bad hair day/couldn’t find a clean pantsuit for over a month that kept her from testifying in front of Congress.  Of course, then she said this….

But wait…it gets better!  Hillary Clinton to Receive the 2013 Liberty Medal From the National Constitution Center  “The Liberty Medal recognizes individuals who have furthered the ideals of freedom, democracy, and equality, often against great odds,” said National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen. “Hillary Clinton has devoted her life to expanding opportunities for ‘We the People’ not just in this country but around the globe.”  ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME???????

But wait….it gets better!!  “Governor Jeb Bush, chair of the National Constitution Center, will award the prestigious medal to Secretary Clinton…”  Give me a break.

P.S.  PRAY FOR THE FIREFIGHTERS KILLED IN ARIZONA AND THEIR FAMILIES.  RIP.  No awards or accolades for these brave men who, unlike others, truly deserve our respect and admiration.


And the Hits Keep On Comin’!



Another great one from my friend Antonio Branco.  Be sure to check out all his cartoons by clicking the link on the right!

Another great one from my friend Antonio Branco. Be sure to check out all his cartoons by clicking the link on the right!

ALOHA, ALL!!   IRS-Gate is really heating up.  So with Benghazi-Gate, AP-Gate and now IRS-Gate, isn’t it time to show Obama the gate?  What’s Boehner doing?  We need action and we need it NOW!!!!!!!  If there’s one thing the Dems are pros at, it’s stalling, stalling, stalling until a scandal is “old news.”  Or if they follow the modus operandi of their hero Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton, just ignore whatever happens, even if you’re impeached.  How long can Obama stall & ignore?  And is there even more scandal to come?

Drudge Editor:  ‘CIA Source Says Still One More Shoe to Drop’ for Obama Administration (Shaka to Scott)

Progressive Group:  ‘IRS Gave us Conservative Groups’ Confidential Docs’   And why didn’t ProPublica report such shenanigans by the IRS?  Check out their Lefty supporters (Shaka to Scott)

Obama:  I Found Out Friday That The IRS Was Targeting Conservatives

Holder Recused Himself From DOJ Decision to Seize AP Records  (Wow – what a great guy!)

Four Pinocchios For Obama on Benghazi Terror Claim

House Majority Whip:  ‘We will Investigate’ IRS, Benghazi, AP Scandals

ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME????  Jahar – Too ‘Beautiful’ To Be A Terrorist

Carl Adds:

Thinking about the guy several news sources have identified as the leader of the attack on Benghazi. There are photos of him sipping coffee out in open in Libya, not seemingly worried.

OK. So you have a CIC that pushes a narrative that the attack was started by a video. They advance it through UN ambassador Rice. Its obviously fabricated nature causes the head of Libya to delay FBI crime team investigators from getting “clean” evidence. And not apprehending al Quaeda leaders of attack keeps them from the prying eyes of US intelligence and military professionals, allowing POTUS and his dissemblers to have CREEP (Cmte to Re-Elect) drag him across finish. Finally, Godfather style, POTUS signs secret Presidential Finding to remove al Qaeda head by drone. Evidence via interrogation is poof! Gone. Nothing here to see folks, move on.

Just another feather in Dear Leader’s cap, and corroborating accounts to figure how the battle in Benghazi could and should have been supported.

And this will make you want to hurl:  Meet the al Qaeda Cannibals the Obama Regime Supports




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