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Hump Day Report: Let The Freak Show Begin!

ALOHA, ALL!!!  It’s HEE-ER – the greatest show on earth is infolding today.  I have no doubt that it will be filled with bombastic speeches, patronizing  words about women and minorities, and outright lies.  Here’s a preview of the Democratic National Convention (Shaka to Carl for the image – LOVE it!!!  It’s from The People’s Cube blog.)

What To Expect At The Democratic Convention  “Watch any episode of “Walking Dead” and you’ll get a preview. Progressive ideas are beyond old. They’re dead. Yet they’re still walking around, mindless zombies reflexively moaning left-wing clichés and petrified orthodoxy.”

Labor Tries To Soften Image With ‘Hug A Union Thug’ Booth In Charlotte  “We see this as an opportunity to dispel that stereotype that union members are mean, scary and violent. What better way to disarm folks than to hug them?”

The Dumb Blonde Joke Behind The Democratic National Convention  “…with the women’s vote in several key swing states being critical to Obama’s reelection, Democrats will continue to exploit women as helpless and reliant citizens married to the trough of government and they will continue to pray that their attempt to make women believe that Mitt Romney is The Boston Strangler and that Paul Ryan is Jack the Ripper takes hold.”  (Be sure to read this to see why Hillary won’t be there…has Barry exiled her?  You be the judge.)

Democrats Start Convention By Going Crazy  “The most notable excess so far came from the head of the California Democratic Party, who, egged on by a radio reporter who asked him about the “fact checking” of Paul Ryan’s convention speech, launched into a diatribe about how Republicans are Nazis…”

“That….you didn’t build that!”

Giant Obama Sand Sculpture Stands Near Convention  “A 25-foot sand sculpture of President Barack Obama brings some of the beach to the Democratic National Convention’s host city.”  BUT WAIT!!!  Did it disappear??  Heavy Rains Wash Away Mount Obama  “A torrential downpour that struck Charlotte on Saturday afternoon damaged the Mount Rushmore-style sand sculpture bust of President Obama — an ominous beginning to what many fear is a plagued convention.”  LOL – this thing is just plain creepy!

UPDATE – Breaking News!  Kitty knows what to do with the sculpture.  

Signs The Democratic Convention Could Be A Boon – For The GOP  “So what do you do when you can’t fill a venue? “Bus them in,” says a Democrat official. According to Reuters, that’s exactly what they are planning on doing. Of course the ‘smoke and mirror’ admin is spinning this to look as though tickets are going fast, and why wouldn’t they be when the purchase price is… free!”  (Read this to see who’s actually snapping up those free tickets – Team Obama won’t be amused!)

In Other News:

Glenn Beck Respects the SEALs.  Remember how I wrote about the robopen-signed form letter Obama sent to the families of the SEALs killed in that helicopter crash?  Beck couldn’t let that slide – great video:  Glenn Beck Offers Moment of Silence For Fallen SEALs

He doesn’t have anything better to do?  White House Releases Beer Recipes  But alert the media – he’s kept a promise!

But he’s such a nice guy….Democrats Air Frustration With Obama’s ‘Cockiness’  “The article reports Obama’s associates characterize this bluster and political zeal as “cockiness.” Further, Washington Democrats say he is all too eager to offer unsolicited advice — on handshakes, writing, and parenting, among other topics. For those activities at which he feels inadequate, Obama reportedly dedicates considerable time to practice, no matter how trivial the pastime…”

No wonder the Dems are freaking out.  GOP Voters At An All-Time High  “If the GOP advantage holds through November, it is likely that the electorate will be evenly split, like it was in 2004 or possibly have a Republican edge. If that is the case, then current media polling is way off-base. Democrats and the media may wake up in shock on November 7th.”

Final Thought (Dedicated to the Dems):  “All that pressure got you down, has your head spinning all around…Freak out!  Le Freak – C’est Chic!”  R&B Band “Chic”, 1978

So yeah….I gotta post this!  


Hump Day Report: Who’s A Wimp?

ALOHA, ALL!!  You’ve no doubt heard about or seen the Newsweek cover claiming Romney has a “wimp factor” problem.  Well, I think it’s fair to call someone a wimp on the cover of a national rag OOPS! publication.  In fact, here are some future covers that Newsweek may want to consider 

I like the more appropriate spelling of the publication on this one:

So what gives Newsweek the basis for calling Romney a wimp?  I guess just…well…because.  But if you want to see a champion, gold-medal-worthy wimp, look no further than Dirty Harry Reid.  This guy is in a different league!  He now claims to have an anonymous source telling him that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years:  Romney Is Guilty Of My Evidence-Free Accusations Until He Proves Himself Innocent  Bravo, wimp extraordinaire!!!!!  What’s next, calling Romney a felon?  Oh yeah, that already happened.  Anyhow, Harry, we’ll always remember this classic speech from you:  

Gee – I wonder what Harry Reid’s Senate will do?  House Extends All Bush-Era Tax Rates  “With lawmakers about to leave Washington for a five-week recess, the House action amounts to little more than a campaign message. Both parties have jumped headfirst into the tax debate, a confidence reflected in the political votes the Democratic-controlled Senate and GOP-led House have taken in consecutive weeks.”

Meanwhile:  Has Any Administration Policy NOT Killed Jobs Lately?  “Reid is a major driver of these tax increases and job-killing policies. He has abused his authority as majority leader to block the minority party from the opportunity to offer amendments more than 60 times, more than all of his predecessors combined.”  TODAY’S JOBS REPORT:  The unemployment rate ticked up to 8.3 percent, 12.8 million Americans are out of work, and 5.2 million have been out of work for at least a half a year.  NOTE:  the real unemployment rate – including unemployed and underemployed – is now 15%.

Definitely not a wimp!  America’s Jewish Gymnastics Star Clinches Gold To The Tune Of ‘Hava Nagila’   “Watching a strong, beautiful Jewish woman finish her last tumbling pass, triumphant, as the whole stadium clapped along to a Hebrew folk song of celebration was a great moment— a moving, joyous contrast to Munich and an example of the kind of cultural tribute that’s unstoppable in free people, no matter what the IOC says.”  Take that, IOC!  BTW…Aly was the one who was actually singing the National Anthem as the Stars and Stripes were raised!  And how about that Gabby Douglas????  USA!  USA!

Of course, the IRS will get its share of those Olympic medals (Shaka to George for the link).  Win A Medal, Pay The Price  “That prize money is taxed at a rate of as much as 35 percent, Americans for Tax Reform calculated. On top of that, the medals themselves are taxed: You only have to fork over $2 to the IRS for the privilege of keeping your bronze medal, but carve off $236 worth from that gold medal.”  Marco Rubio thinks this is wrong:  Rubio Introduces Bill To Eliminate Olympic Medal Tax  “Rubio’s Olympic Tax Elimination Act would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to strike taxes on American athletes’ Olympic medals and prize money. The law would retroactively apply to Olympic winnings after December 31, 2011.”

We Ate Mor Chikin!!  Chick-fil-A Americans Give Big Government The Bird  “Millions of Americans across the country lined up for hours to buy chicken sandwiches — and take a stand for free speech. That’s a de facto demonstration, from a public fed up with overweening big government.”  I got emails from many of you across the country about how the crowds were phenomenal!  I especially like this story from HDR reader Steve:  Ted Cruz Serves Chick-fil-A At Victory party   Read more about Ted Cruz here:  Tea Party Staying Power – The Ted Cruz Victory  He’s a rising star!  I saw him speak in Hawaii once – great guy!

Want to make a tangible difference in the November election?  Especially the swing states of Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina?  Go to the Smart Girls Politics ‘Heels on the Ground’ campaign!   They need volunteers in these key states…and we know face-to-face interaction is very effective in persuading swing voters.  Can’t be in Virginia, Ohio or North Carolina?  Donate!  Go HERE to help support this effort.  Each $25 donation helps Smart Girls knock on 50 doors!!!!  On a personal note:  I belong to this organization and can vouch for their authenticity – Smart Girls Mean Business!!!

It’s Friday – time for NewsBusted!!  

Final Thought:  “Freedom isn’t for wimps.” Neal Boortz


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