HDR News Flash: Romney Sends Campaign Bus to Help with Hurricane Relief

This is the kind of leadership we need!  Romney Using Bus For Storm Relief Efforts

Where’s Preezy?  He’s “monitoring” the storm from the White House, no doubt upset because he can’t golf or party with Beyonce and Jay Z.  And the last time Obama “monitored” a disaster it didn’t turn out well (see the previous post on Benghazi)

Hey Barry, maybe that’s why you can’t get crowds like this:  Pics show Huge Crowds Braving Frigid Temps To Support Romney/Ryan In Ohio

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3 responses to “HDR News Flash: Romney Sends Campaign Bus to Help with Hurricane Relief”

  1. neenergyobserver says :

    Reblogged this on nebraskaenergyobserver and commented:
    It’s so good to see a leader in action again, Finally!!!

    • giliar says :

      Thanks, NEO! Actually, this is perfectly consistent with Romney and how he has led his life. He has helped countless people, not seeking any recognition for it.

      • neenergyobserver says :

        It is, indeed, and that is why I am not surprised. That is also why I am glad to give the little publicity I can engender to this act. It surely is a change (we can believe in).

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