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Obamacare: The Nightmare That Keeps on Giving


It’s gift-giving season.  We’re all hustling out to buy gifts for our loved ones to show we care for them.  Obama likes to think ObamaCare is a ‘gift’ to the American people but the American people say “not so much.”  There is so much that’s wrong with this legislation and the hits keep coming.  So Santa, if you’re reading this, Obama and the Democrats deserve lumps of coal this year.  Descriptors are numerous:  From the  ‘Lie of the Year’ to Nancy Pelosi’s “embrace the suck” everyone knows by now how bad this is.  (Pelosi was talking about the budget deal but seems appropriate for ObamaCare.)  I’m in amazement that Obama’s approval isn’t 10%…but hey, that’s me.

Chicago Tribune Editorial:  ObamaCare Delivering a Scroogesque Christmas

There Was A Much Easier Way To Exempt People From ObamaCare

Ten Broken ObamaCare Promises

Krauthammer:  Just Watch, Insurance Companies Ruined by ObamaCare Will Come Knocking for a Bailout

Yet the Obama administration continues to spend OUR tax dollars promoting this fiasco, with campaigns like Pajama Boy.  Then there’s this ad, from a group called Out2Enroll (Shaka to Karen):

No worries, though.  Barack, family and countless BFFs are vacationing in sunny Hawaii yet again, making usually laid-back island residents unhappy.  He even took the time while on his vaycay to sign up for the ObamaCare Bronze Plan – what a guy!!!!!  Alas, things for Barry/Barack aren’t so hunky-dory in paradise.  His bruddahs & sistas aren’t so enchanted with him anymore.  This poll is from Saturday’s Honolulu Star Advertiser.  It appears Barry and his entourage are wearing out their welcome.


This is my only comment about the Duck Dynasty controversy….


This will likely be my last post before the New Year.  I wish all HDR readers much health and happiness during this Christmas and Holiday Season.  I want to leave you with this….to remind us all what Christmas is really about.  It’s my favorite Christmas song, “Silent Night.”  The first video is Christina Aguilera in 1991 – as a young girl –  before she became a superstar .  The second is her rendition a few years later.  And the third is a tribute to our troops (Shaka to Susie.)

God Bless America, and Merry Christmas.

Over Seventy Score and Keeping Score



You no doubt heard about the broohaha Tuesday when Barry skipped the ceremonies honoring the Gettysburg address.  Supposedly, he couldn’t attend because…wait for it…the ObamaCare website is messed up.  Really.  Obama Skips Gettysburg Anniversary Because of Website Woes  But did you catch this part?

Obama met with senators Tuesday morning to discuss ongoing negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program, and also appeared at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council’s annual meeting.

So Barry has time to address “the world’s most powerful chief executives” but can’t honor an historic event.  And he claims to be like Lincoln.  Nice try, doofus.  You’re not even a cheap imitation.  You’re this…


Barry bashed the GOP at the WSJ event, blaming them for the failure of ObamaCare:

“What was already going to be hard was operating in a very difficult political environment. And we should have anticipated that that would create a rockier roll-out than if Democrats and Republicans were both invested in success. One of the problems we’ve had is one side of Capitol Hill is invested in failure.”

Check out the body language and lack of eye contact.  The guy is a pathological liar.

Of course, Barry did agree to perform the Gettysburg address in a Ken Burns documentary.  Why not?  All he had to do was read from a teleprompter and be seen by lots of viewers – he LOVES such attention!  Turns out he blew that, too.  Obama Removes ‘God’ From Gettysburg Address

Other News:

Census ‘Faked’ 2012 Election Jobs Report  “The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.  And the Census Bureau, which does the unemployment survey, knew it.”

Martin Bashir Apologizes to Sarah Palin.  He said his comments were ‘shameful.’  shameful??  They were disgusting, vile and even sexist.  Yes, time to pull out the sexist card since Bashir and his ilk seem to want to use it for ridiculous crap.  Here’s what he said:

Yeah….how about you go back to Britain, Martin?  You’re not welcome here.

Testimony Gives More Evidence Administration’s Benghazi Claims Were ‘Indefensible’  “Fox News has also obtained a new letter that will be sent to all members of the Senate Tuesday by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. In the “Dear Colleague” letter, Cruz calls on his fellow lawmakers to join the 24 senators who already support an independent commission on Benghazi – Senate Resolution 225. Attached to the Cruz letter is a statement from the family of Sean Smith, who was killed in the attack. Smith’s mother Pat states that she continues to be denied answers by the State Department because she is not considered “immediate family.”  So his mother is not immediate family?  Where was Hillary?  Where was Barry?  Charles Krauthammer nailed it 5 months ago:

Carl Adds – Just How Bad Is ObamaCare?

Oregon Health Exchange Represents Biggest Woe   “With all the problems facing the rollout of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, nowhere is the situation worse or more surprising than in Oregon, a progressive state that has enthusiastically embraced the federal law but has so far failed to enroll a single person in coverage through the state’s insurance exchange.”

Two weeks ago, I checked the Cover Oregon Web Site: Family of 3, looking for “Platinum” or best coverage.  No doctor choice. No hospital choice. Zero deductible (but may/could/will probably include $6,500 out of pocket costs.)  Kaiser Permanente – $1,900 – a MONTH!


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