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Hump Day Report: The Three Rs – Romney, Ryan and Reagan

ALOHA, ALL!!  Even though the Democrats are in full spin mode trying to destroy Paul Ryan, Republicans and conservatives are ecstatic over his pick for Romney’s VP.  Let’s face it – Ryan has already been demonized by the Dems over his budget plan.  And while the old attacks about how Ryan’s plan will “end Medicare as we know it” (never mind that Obama already did that) or throw grandma off a cliff, that’s old news.  Deja vu.  Heard that before.  It won’t have the same impact now because it’s simply not a new attack.  Don’t get me wrong, the Romney/Ryan team need to come out strong right NOW and define themselves. It’s important to do this while they have the lamestream media’s attention….before they get distracted by some shiny object.  Voters need to understand the stark contrast between Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden and why we need to fire the last two.  A friend of mine who voted for Obama in 2008 claims she supported Reagan in the past.  When discussing Romney, she flippantly quipped, “Romney is no Reagan.”  I immediately replied, “How do you know? At this point in his first presidential campaign Reagan wasn’t Reagan.”  *Cricket Sounds*  😉

Lots of misinformation is going around about Ryan’s plan for Medicare.  Here’s a simple explanation from Dick Morris that highlights the differences between the Romney/Ryan plan and Obama’s plan (one of them has zero plan – guess who?)  

Of course, Ryan tried to explain all this to Debbie Dimwit (Wasserman Schultz) in 2012.  I don’t know how he kept from smacking her!  

Oh yeah…you probably missed the fact that Ryan’s mother lives in Florida – and is on Medicare.  CBS Doesn’t Want You To Know Ryan’s Mother Is On Medicare  “For some reason ’60 Minutes’ sent out a transcript of the Romney-Ryan interview but decided not to air the portion where Paul Ryan tells Bob Schieffer his mother is a “Medicare senior in Florida.”  I’m sure it was just an oversight.

Is it just me, or are there lots of dofusses among the Dems?  Joe Biden Says Romney ‘Going To Put You Back In Chains,’ Thinks Virginia Rally Goers Are North Carolinians  Yep.  Crazy Uncle Joe is at it again!  Be sure to click on the link for the videos.

In contrast, the GOP has people like this:  Allen West Cruises To Victory In Florida GOP Primary  But West is a primary target for the Dems in November – they would love to unseat him!  Support him if you can.

Be sure to see this movie!!!!  2016 – Obama’s America  It’s based on two books by Dinesh D’Souza and produced by the Academy-Award winning producer of Schindler’s List.  Hubby and I have tickets for Friday, thanks to Hawaii Republicans For Life!!  

Final Thought:  “You’re right to say we’re not coming before you today to say we have a definitive solution to that long-term problem. What we do know is we don’t like yours.”  Timothy Geithner to Paul Ryan, during a House Budget Committee meeting on the debt and deficit in early 2012

And:  “We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much.” Ronald Reagan.  Kinda sounds like Paul Ryan, doesn’t it????


Hump Day Report: What Goes Around The World Comes Around

ALOHA, ALL!!  It seems every time Obama tries to pin something nasty on Romney, it comes back to bite him in the okole.  Latest example:  Barry’s incessant whining about how Romney’s businesses sent jobs overseas.  This seems to be Obama’s latest campaign mantra.  But guess what?  OUR tax dollars – the money used for Obama’s stimulus fiasco – were sent overseas:  Obama’s Stimulus Tax Dollars Used to Create Jobs Overseas  WHOA…how can that be?  “It seems as though our current President, who is now posing as Mr. In-Sourcer-in-Chief, not only squandered nearly a trillion of our dollars on a failed stimulus, but also used our money to create jobs in foreign countries such as France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, and so on and on and on.”  So just like the fake war on women, “Doggate,” “Bullygate,” (and who knows what else Team Obama will try to pin on Romney,) “Outsourcegate” is coming back to haunt Barry.  So is the class warfare tactic.  People who throw stones shouldn’t live in glass houses.  People who have no integrity shouldn’t live in White Houses.

Check out all the outsourcing Obama’s done – go to:  Obamanomics Outsourced  It’s a real eye-opener!!!!  (The map is interactive on the site.)

And….looks like Debbie Dimwit Wasserman-Schultz shouldn’t be so vocal, either!  Speaking of Outsourcing  And:  Dem Chair Invested in Swiss Banks, Foreign Drug Companies, and The State Bank of India   (Shaka to Opa)  Valerie Jarrett, right hand of Obama, seems to like those Bermuda investments as well. But wait – Nancy Nitwit won’t be outdone by those two pikers!  Pelosi Made up to $5 Million By…Offshoring!  “According to Pelosi’s 2011 financial disclosure statement, the Democratic House Minority Leader received between $1 million and $5 million in partnership income from ”Matthews International Capital Management LLC,” a group that emphasizes that it has a “A Singular Focus on Investing in Asia.” A quick trip to the company website reveals a featured post extolling the virtues of outsourcing.”  My, my, my…..

In Other News:

SHOCK!  Senate Dems refuse to vote on Obama tax plan:  Senate Dems Kill Obama Tax Plan  “In a shocking repudiation of President Obama’s “soak the rich” economic plans, Senate Democrats today blocked a vote on President Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year.”

And they wonder why Republican candidates don’t want to speak at their convention.    Romney made a great comeback statement.  But you’ll only see the booing part on the lamestream media.  I like this analysis from the White House 2012 blog:  “Some may argue that Romney’s appearance before the NAACP was a waste of time. They will argue that the NAACP is hypocritically prejudiced organization that is anti-anything that is not liberal and which harbors within their ranks, pockets of a radical black racists. Be that true or not, Mitt Romney demonstrated that he does not fear differences of opinion and that he does not shy away from standing up for his beliefs even among those who may not believe in him.”  Here’s another good overview:  Romney’s Stand and the Left’s Destruction of the Black Community   The best part?  Barry’s not even going – he’s sending “Joltin’ Joe Biden” instead!!!  In fact, Barry hasn’t been there since 2009.  I guess he doesn’t want to face a group that represents a segment of the population with a 14% unemployment rate.  Besides, Preezy’s skedz is too full:  Check Out Obama’s Busy Schedule    BTW, I wonder how many of those NAACP attendees know this?

Governor George Romney marched in a civil rights protest in Detroit Michigan, 1963

Final Thought:  To close things out, I’m thinking we need a little Hank Williams Jr. 😉  


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