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Out of Control

Didn'tKnowALOHA, ALL!!!

Who’s in charge anyway???  Where does the buck stop???  Another day, another scandal.  (Shaka to Jan for the image)

Carl Writes –

  • New details that are as explosive as original witness testimony
  • Potentially devastating to Obama and Hillary
  • Covers Stevens actvities in Benghazi
  • General Carter Ham’s removal
  • How Stevens was possibly lured by al Quaeda into trap
  • How Petraeus’ affair was used to silence him (opinion of witness)
LaCosa IRS:
Because She Hasn’t Suffered Enough… Obama IRS Targeted 83 Year-Old Survivor Of a Japanese Concentration Camp.  Marianne Chiffelle, an 83-year-old grandmother from New Mexico, was targeted by the IRS because she was an active member of the Tea Party.  Gilia Asks:  Has it occurred to anyone how much time the IRS has spent on these targeted attacks?  How many resources they have used to find out detailed information, like Chiffelle’s breakfast gatherings?  The IRS is not only wasting our tax dollars, they are engaging in criminal activity.  Time to eliminate the IRS!! 
Attacks on Free Press:
Fast & Furious:
Obama’s General Corruption:


More IRS Testimony today:  IRS Commissioner Defends ‘Lie by Omission’ To Congress

And even Jon Stewart has been hammering Obama lately.  This time it’s for his failed promise to veterans


Hump Day Report: Lies, Damned Lies

ALOHA, ALL!!  It’s been an interesting couple of days.  I attended a Heritage Foundation event last night with the incredible Dinesh D’Souza as the speaker.  I participated in a blogger conference call yesterday morning with members of the House Financial Services Committee.  And I attended a luncheon yesterday where Senatorial candidate Linda Lingle gave the keynote address.  (More on all these below.)  But the one story that keeps rising to the top (or more appropriately, falling into the sewer of political filth) is Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” fiasco.  Holder has no shame….he has lied and stonewalled about this botched operation for a full year and now it looks like it’s all finally catching up with him.  He may very well be held in contempt of Congress:  House Considers Contempt Charge Against Holder in Fast and Furious Case   Why should Holder be held in contempt?  Check out this graphic (click on it to enlarge it):

So out of 80,000 documents related to Fast & Furious, Holder has released only 6,000.  Investigators have been denied access to 48 of 70 officials involved in the operation – denied access???  And Holder has ignored – ignored? – 66% of subpoenas.  Why are we even talking about this?  Holder needs to be kicked out of office immediately!  This will blow you away:  

And you know this is coming – again:  “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him, both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.” —-Attorney General Eric Holder, explaining what he believes to be the motives of “extreme factions” in their efforts to hold him accountable for the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” debacle in an interview with the New York Times.  Yep, good ole Eric will play the race card once he gets the book thrown at him.  Unethical Quote of the Month: Attorney General Eric Holder 

The hardest working committees in government.  I mentioned I had a blogger call with some of the folks on the House Financial Services Committee.  They and  the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (the one investigating Fast & Furious) have their hands full with all the monkey business going on with this administration and its cronies.  The topic today was MF Global – turns out they had a “break the glass” plan to pull the wool over people’s eyes:  MF Hearings Focus on Public Face, Internal Worry – WSJ.com

There was a surprise question in yesterday’s conference call.  Cathy McMorris Rodgers | Vice Presidential Surprise | The Daily Caller  “The daughter of produce farmers who operated a fruit stand, she was the first member of her family to attend college. She earned her MBA from the University of Washington in 2002. By the age of 24, she was a member of the state House of Representatives. Married to a retired U.S. Navy commander, McMorris Rodgers is also one of only eight women to have ever given birth while serving in Congress, and the only woman who has done it twice.”   Can you say accomplished?  How about multi-tasker?  I could tell by her reaction she was surprised by the question, but it sure sounds like a good one to me!

Hawaii might elect a Female Republican Senator!  Yes, this is big news, folks.  There is a good chance Hawaii could have a Republican Senator for the first time in 35 years.  Yes, you read that correctly.  And its first female Senator.  Hawaii’s last Republican Senator was Hiram Fong, who was voted out of office in 1977.  Linda Lingle, former Hawaii Governor, is running to fill the seat of retiring Senator Dan Akaka (he’s been there since 1976 and is 86 years old.)  Keep your fingers crossed, folks.  You may think this place is paradise, but believe me, it’s far from perfect.

Dinesh D’Souza!  If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, go.  His book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” was a long-time best seller (which irritated the White House no end.)  Dinesh is brilliant and he has 0bama’s motivations pegged perfectly.  I told him after his talk that I think it takes someone who has experienced living in another country to truly recognize what 0bama is all about.  Those of us who grew up in the United States have no radar for dictatorial leaders.  We’ve been sheltered.  We assume our politicians are pro-American.  Big mistake.  (Shaka to the Heritage Foundation for hosting this outstanding event.)

Final Thought:  “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.”  Eric Holder  (Cowards?  I guess you might say it takes one to know one.)

Over & out for me….I’m going to celebrate my birthday today. It’s the Year of the Dragon and we Dragons need to roar!


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