That Was The Week That Was


It’s Friday and here’s a weekly wrap-up from Carl:

IRS Scandal: Noonan: Bombshell…
This Will Shake Other Cities and Their Debt: Gov unsure if creditors will ever be paid…
Gilia Adds:  Check out what David Freddoso has to say about Detroit….he’s got some good photos, too:
And check out what Rand Paul has to say about Detroit:  Obama Will Bail Out Detroit ‘Over My Dead Body’  
Doing Justice to That Rolling Stone Cover: Policeman releases manhunt photos of Boston bomber…  Gilia Adds:  Once again, covered by British media before US lame streamers.  And I like this picture one of my Facebook friends posted –
“Rachel” McCain Stumped on His Own Bill: McCain Stumped By Question About His Own Immigration Bill… (This Will Leave You Shaking Your Head)
Aussies Take Border Security Seriously: Australia to block boat people…
All You Need to Know About Energy – Chart of the Day: One Beautiful Chart That Tells You Everything About How Energy Is Used In America

From Gilia’s Desk:

And just a few more Trayvon/Zimmerman stories….then I think we’ve squeezed all the juice out of this lemon:
Obama:  ‘Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me’.  Because you were a punk pot-head in high school?  Yeah, we know.
Shaka to Scott for this picture

Shaka to Scott for this picture


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One response to “That Was The Week That Was”

  1. mrethman says :

    Obama’s recent behavior with regard to the Zimmerman case has lowered his already low bar for pandering and misusing a compliant mainstream media. FBI reports on Z made it clear that there was no racial profiling; Plus, Z’s great grandpa was black, Z tutored black kids, Z took a black girl to his prom, etc. etc. etc. Florida’s “stand your ground” law never even came up at the trial.

    A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that substantially more American blacks feel blacks are more racist than are are American whites. Other data show clearly that blacks in Florida are substantially more prone to use and more successful at using that state’s “stand your ground” law as a legal defense. Yet Obama successfully panders to those who are either blind, stupid, racist or hyper-cynical to help keep the existential Benghazi and IRS scandals off the front page. Indeed the Zimmerman story was a fully squeezed lemon that was well past its zenith until America’s racist-in-chief president hyped it again yesterday — the day before the race-baiters'” protests” today.

    Such behavior aspires to be merely disgusting.

    If anyone is injured or dies today as a result of protests aimed against “the system” that acquitted Zimmerman, the blood is on Obama’s hands. America has twice elected a pathological narcissist who has a disarming smile and who emotes well while reading from his multiple teleprompters.

    Those who voted for Obama should be ashamed. And it’s a measure of Zimmerman’s naivete that he, along with millions of other Americans, voted for Obama. Zimmerman should also be ashamed and probably is — now that he’s in the cross-hairs of Obama’s political hype machine.

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