HDR 117: Why the Left Hates Michele Bachmann

"Happy Birthday, Gilia!"

ALOHA, ALL!! Hubby & I had the great pleasure of attending a luncheon with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Wednesday.  Did you know she has two law degrees, one in tax law?  Did you know she has five kids of her own and has fostered 23 others?  Or did you have any idea that she worked as a tax attorney in the US Treasury Department for five years?  Of course you didn’t know any of these things because the lamestream media refuses to report anything that would paint her in a positive light. They want you to think she’s fringy and kooky.  That she has no idea what’s she’s talking about and is just one of those racist Tea Party people.  After listening to this woman speak for over 40 minutes (and meeting her personally) I can tell you that she’s the real deal.  In fact, I just had an article published in Hawaii Reporter about the experience, and here’s an excerpt:

I got my birthday present a day early this year – Wednesday I was one of the 200 people who filled the ballroom at the Ala Moana hotel to hear congresswoman Michele Bachmann speak.

She did not disappoint the audience, focusing on issues near and dear to the hearts of many Tea Party folks: Smaller government, decreasing the debt, a balanced budget and repealing Obamacare.

Calling this “The Way Forward,” Bachmann noted in a handout “Imagine a stable economic and political environment where a business person could go to bed at night assured that the rules of the game your business runs by will remain the same in the foreseeable future.”

Imagine, indeed! Bachmann spoke for about 40 minutes, drawing on personal experience, knowledge and a few hand-written notes (not a teleprompter in sight.) She then entertained questions, many asking about how to get Hawaii and the U.S. back on a track to fiscal health. (You can read the rest of the article, including not-very-aloha-like blog comments from leftists about Bachmann at this link:  Hawaii Tea Party ‘Shot in the Arm’ from Bachmann Visit; The Left Is Not Happy | Hawaii Reporter)

Bachmann isn’t perfect. In fact, one of her recent suggestions has come under fire from disabled military vets.  She has resurrected the concept of reducing veterans’ disability compensation by the amount received in Social Security Disability Income (an idea first developed by the Congressional Budget Office several years ago.)  Bachmann plan would cut veterans benefits – Military News The concept is meant to eliminate duplicate compensation for a single disability.  Someone in the luncheon audience questioned her about this.  Bachmann, to her credit, answered directly, saying that every part of the national budget should be examined. (Who doesn’t think there’s waste in the VA?)  She said her office phones had been ringing off the hook from angry veterans, and she said was open to other options concerning the benefits.  She explained how bringing up this option was a way to open the discussion with the Democrats…a throwing down the gauntlet in a way (my words, not her).  And she expressed how this option was in no way a given.  “But we need to be willing to start the conversation,” she said.  (Side note: hubby who is retired military talked with her about this briefly while I was standing there.  I could tell from their chat that she is not only re-thinking this idea but would prefer to use other types of cuts to avoid raising the debt ceiling above the current $14.3 trillion.  Make no mistake – this is a woman who loves the military.)

Will she run? She was elusive about that, but I can tell you one thing:  she is a dynamic, inspirational, dedicated, genuine public servant who would be a vast improvement over the current occupant of the White House!  Whatever she decides, Bachmann will be in the public arena for many years to come.  You Betcha!

And in case you missed it.….here’s a classic of Bachmann questioning Geithner & Bernanke about the Constitution, AIG, the Federal Reserve and bailouts:  

P.S.  Bachmann even admitted that she was once a Democrat and worked on Jimmy Carter’s campaign as a college student!  Which brings me to this….

Final Thought: “If you’re not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart.  If you’re not a conservative at forty, you have no brain.”  Winston Churchill


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6 responses to “HDR 117: Why the Left Hates Michele Bachmann”

  1. GiliaR says :

    And that’s how the Founding Fathers intended it to be – citizen representatives working on behalf of fellow citizens. They were never supposed to be a ruling class with special privileges yet that’s what they have become. As you said, Lee, with today’s technology it would be easy to accomplish this. It would take the power out of DC and put it back in the hands of states. What a concept!

  2. giliar says :

    Yes, they should! And they should also only be in DC part-time, just to vote on necessary and important legislation (heck…why does every post office, bridge or tunnel in this country have to be named after someone???) The majority of time, both Congress people and Senators should be living in their states and districts. How can they truly represent their constituents if they live in Washington DC??

    • Lee says :

      That’s a great idea! Get Congress out of session more, so they can’t interfrere with Obongo’s messiahic rule.

      Of course, there is a modern technological alternative: Telesessions using electronic communications. The members generally stay in their own areas, and meet online or whatever. Retinal scans, etc., could be used to ensure it is the member, not some staff minion, who is there and doing the voting. The whole scheme would be a major blow to Beltway insiders and more security against catastrophic event targeting DC.

  3. G.W. Buck says :

    I would like to see congress (as well as all government agencies) start with revamping their “Benefit” packages. If every little bit of savings count, then start with the top! Congress should have to use the same retirement system (Social Security) and health care systems available to the rest of us.

  4. giliar says :

    I like your ideas, Lee…..and I’d be willing to bet that Bachmann would like them, too! And you’re so right about cats 😉

  5. Lee says :

    I knew it would be fun watching Bachmann back off on the vets’ benefits cut idea. Frankly–and at the risk of falling into the liberal camp on this–as much as I’ve long admired her for her (granted recanted) statement that some in Congress are “anti-American,” a non-vet has no business proposing this.

    Second, before cutting veterans’ benefits, they need to cut prisoners’ benefits. I volunteer at a local animal shelter. The dog cages they use have plenty of room for a human to stand or sit down. If we insist on imprisoning our criminals instead of killing or enslaving them, then the prisoners and the doggies should swap accomodations. (And the superior feline species should have it even better–Cats rule, dogs drool.)

    Then, cut civilians’ benefits. General assistance programs not specifically veteran programs should be cut, or at least the non-vets should be cut from them.

    Finally–at least to the degree we do include non-vets–assistance programs should be channelled through military training operations. For instance, reserve components on drill weekends could run “civilian assistance” actions comparable to the MEDCAPs and VETCAPs run by Americans and others in Kosovo and elsewhere. Medical and veterinary (I do care for our furry friends) units could, as part of their training, offer assistance to locals (esp. vet families) in their communities (out in the open, so everybody in the community knows who is getting government assistance). Military hospitals could be used–space-available–for Medicare cases. In place of housing projects, unused military buildings and tents could be used, with the occupants required to maintain them or be booted into the cold. Etc., etc. By such channeling, the welfare apparatus could be cut, existent facilities could be used more efficiently, unconstitutional but honestly “nice” programs could be chalked up to “military training,” and welfare bums would know they are getting far better than they deserve. If they don’t like it, they could easily be dumped at any unsuspecting overpass.

    And then, I have a few controversial ideas. Let’s just say, no vet should ever have to clean his own toilet.

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