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Hump Day Report: Dumbing Down The Women’s Vote

ALOHA, ALL!!  I always got along better with men than women.  And a new poll released by USA Today gives me one more explanation why.  It appears that women have given Obama a lead over Romney in several of the key swing states.  What the heck is wrong with you??????  Are you so gullible that this fake “War on Women” drummed up by the Democrats has swayed you?  Do you not see how the left uses you as pawns?  Obama has given us record debt and deficits.  The “Constitutional Scholar” has rammed an unconstitutional law down our throats.  Unemployment stays above 8%.  Our stature around the world has been demeaned.  Billions of dollars have been wasted on failed stimulus programs and ridiculous energy schemes.  Our own natural resources that could make us energy independent lie fallow.  The Keystone pipeline – a project that could provide both energy and jobs – is nixed.  And women prefer Obama? Frankly, I’m disgusted.  American women need to wake up to the true issues facing our country.  And free birth control for law students isn’t one of them.  Or maybe this explains it better:  if we become a permanent debtor nation, that glass ceiling will turn into concrete one.  For good.  Got your attention now?

Swing States Poll: A shift by women puts Obama in lead – USATODAY.com

Why Do So Many Women Vote for Liberal Democrats? – Godfather Politics

Romney: We have to ‘take our message to the women of America’ – POLITICO.com

At least some of us see beyond the lies and rhetoric:  Smart Girl Nation : First Quarter 2012 – Smart Girl Politics Action

In Other News….

Another ‘private family trip’ for the Obamas – Common American Journal  “Michelle Obama jetted in to South Dakota Wednesday for a day trip to Mount Rushmore, taking in the sights before departing the same day for Las Vegas. Michelle is traveling with her daughters on a “private family trip” to the West, the White House said.”

Obama Delivers a Death Blow to the Coal Industry | FrontPage Magazine  “It’s a shame that we’re knowingly abandoning such a cheap, reliable and plentiful resource like coal in a foolish effort to fulfill a ridiculous crusade led by eco-puritans. It’s maddening that such a decision was made not by Congress, nor by the voters, but by a few faceless bureaucrats hiding behind global-warming pseudo-science that has become the twenty-first century’s version of alchemy.”

Calling All Women!  Check out how Obama has ruined your children’s futures.  New numbers on the true cost of Obamacare  

Let’s hope Dick Morris is correct:  If The Court Says No, Obama Is Toast! Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert! at DickMorris.com

Blockbuster!  Clinton Insider: Bill Clinton Is A Birther   Be sure to watch the 6-minute video about death threats to the Clintons…from an insider who knows.  (Shaka to Cindy)

Final Thought:  “We don’t want someone who will get 98 percent of the vote. We want someone who will get 51 percent of the vote.”  Ann Coulter


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