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Dumb and Dumber


Truth is stranger than fiction.  In the past few days we’ve seen words coming out of people’s mouths – people who are supposedly smarter than us because, after all, they make and enforce laws –  that defy common sense.   These statements even show a lack of very  basic knowledge.  Check these out….then ask yourself:  what if George Bush or Sarah Palin had said any one of these??  What if they had gone ‘between the two ferns’??  Not a smidgeon of intelligence here.

Sheila Jackson Lee:  We’ve Lasted Some 400 Years Operating Under the Constitution

Sebelius:  Why No, We Have No Idea Who’s Paid For Their ObamaCare Plans

Global Warming Has Raised Ocean Level So Much, Cory Booker Can No Longer Drive To Hawaii

Obama Baffled By This Mundane Aspect Of Shopping:  “Oh wow,” he remarked. “So you can sign the machine?

And you MUST have heard about this one by now.….sure elevates the office of President.  Hey Barry – the Choom Gang is calling and they miss their idiot.

Now compare all of the above to this:

Trey Gowdy Torches Obama’s Executive Overreach (Shaka to Scott)

Carl Adds:


God Bless America – Pass This On!!

Judge Jeanine Destroys Hillary


Jeanine Pirro is a former judge and prosecutor who now is a legal analyst for Fox News.  She has her own show on the channel called “Justice With Judge Jeanine.” I don’t always watch it but am glad I saw this episode that aired Saturday night.  This is a must-watch!!!

And if you haven’t seen this video with Representative Trey Gowdy, it’s another stellar press conference questioning the media malpractice regarding Benghazi (Shaka to Frank)

When will justice be done for those who died….needlessly??????

Carl Adds:

The Hill sheds light on the nagging problem of why, despite a presidential vow to bring the Benghazi consulate attackers to justice, they are still free as birds.

The U.S. military cannot hunt down and kill people responsible for the deadly 2012 attack on an American compound in Benghazi, Libya, as long as the terrorists are not officially deemed members or affiliates of al Qaeda, newly declassified transcripts from congressional hearings show.

Read More Here at: What Difference Does it Make?

Special Request – Please Pray and Hold in Your Thoughts For One of Our Best Brave Warriors Soon to Deploy

“Rangers, Lead The Way”

God Bless America – Pass This On!!



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