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Hump Day Report: The Lonely Life of Barack Obama

ALOHA, ALL!  So here we are in 2012….FINALLY!  I only made one resolution for this year, and that is to do all I can to get Barack 0bama out of the White House.  He left Hawaii Monday and isn’t’ wasting any time getting back to work – campaigning:  Obama Returns to Campaign Trail After Hawaii Vacation: Next Stop, Ohio   We don’t need a perpetual campaigner  – we need a leader in the White House.

He vants to be alone.   I’m sure the NYT thought this piece would be another of their complimentary diatribes about Barry, but it’s had the opposite effect.  Do we really want a President who “keeps Congress and official Washington at arm’s length”? NYT: Obama’s kind of a White House recluse « Hot Air  He’d rather campaign with TOTUS as his BFF, speaking in front of all his adoring fans than do his real job.  Hubby wrote the following letter to the Star Advertiser about the story, but (surprise!) they didn’t publish it.  Probably didn’t want to upset Barry while he was on vacation here.  After all, he needed to golf, work out and eat shave ice:

With regard to your front page report (12/29) of President Obama’s isolation in office: A business for which I consult once hired a highly-touted “relationship manager” to lead its sales team. We soon learned that he didn’t like the salesmen and product managers and was overtly avoiding them. Such similar attitudes and hermit-like behavior may help explain President Obama’s inability to lead Congress. In our case, sales foundered until the bosses replaced this individual with someone who was a better fit for the job.

It was a barn burner in Iowa last night!  Truly, the “winner” was Rick Santorum….but if you go by the caucus votes, it was Mitt Romney (by 8 votes over Santorum.)  Holy Moly!!!  And the tie goes to… Rick Santorum The Loft  BREAKING NEWS:  Bachmann quits race, says she’ll fight for issues 

Did you happen to see the Rose Parade Monday?  The OWS crowd had a float.  Yep, those fine, upstanding citizens who camp out, litter, defecate and hate were allowed to participate.  And what did they choose for their float?  Check this out:  American Power: ‘Occupy’ Crashes Rose Parade: Attacks ‘Corporate Greed’ With 70-Foot Nazi-Era Octopus Depicting Global Jewish Conspiracy  Here’s video of the lovely squatters marching in the parade:  

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm….now kids are singing the praises of OWS in school:   Third Grade Students at Albermale School in Virginia Write Occupy Wall Street Song 

Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength (or “PMFFS” – not really, just made up the acronym) “Recently in Washington DC a group of self-described “rich” and “one percenter” political activists gathered to ask Congress to raise their taxes. The call themselves the Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength. The idea is that they believe they’re under taxed, and want the government to take more from them to fund the government.

So the folks at the Daily Caller talked to some of the “activists” and asked them if they’d be willing to make a donation to the US Treasury on the spot. And, showing what utter hypocrites they are, they refused. Because it’s not about them paying more. It’s about the government forcing other people to pay more.”Say Anything » Patriotic Millionaires For Higher Taxes Turn Out Not To Be So Patriotic After All » Say Anything

This video is a riot!  

Hey….look who’s the EPA’s financial advisor!  MF Global Chief   “Even as he finds himself the public face of a bankruptcy and admitted to lawmakers that he had no idea how client funds disappeared, Congress and the administration have voiced no public concern about Mr. Abelow’s role advising the $8.6 billion government agency on its finances.”  Well gee – isn’t that special?

I like this analogy from HDR reader Don:

Here’s another way to look at the Debt Ceiling – Let’s say, You come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood….and your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings.  What do you think you should do?

1. Raise the Ceilings, or

2. Pump out the sewage

Your Choice is coming November 2012


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