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Drones, Freedom and Dirty Tricks


Ever wonder what a drone can see from over 17,000 feet?  Check this out – and you thought you had privacy:

Carl Adds:

So you thought the USA was most free? Think again.
I wanted to look into a credible list such as this one when NSA whistle blower, Edward Snowden made statements to the effect he thought Hong Kong was a country with more freedom that the US. You decide.
Here are top 10:
If you have the time to read these detailed scores, pay particular attention to corruption, economic freedom, and overall trend.

The Thrill Is Gone


Hey Folks…if a picture is worth a thousand words then this one speaks volumes!  I guess the BFFs aren’t so close anymore.  Sure would like to be a fly on the wall at the G-8 Summit.  What the heck do they ever accomplish anyhow, besides giving worthless protestors a cause celebre.  Oh yeah…and giving Obama another reason to take a trip.  And Queen Michelle the chance to stay in a $3,300 per night suite.  Priorties, ya know.

Promises, Promises:  G-8 Summit Ends In Many Pledges For Reform, But Devil Is In The Details   

How low can he go?  Even Obama’s youth acolytes are disenchanted.  The Obama Youth Vote Can’t Afford The Reefer  And oh my!!!!  CNN Poll Shows 10-Point Jump in Belief WH Ordered IRS Targeting of Conservatives

James O’Keefe it at it again….Check out what happens with a lot of those Obama phones:

Top-Notch HDR investigative reporter Scott found some interesting stories:

Disability Programs for Federal Workers Rife With Waste

Bill Ayers:  Obama Should Be Tried for War Crimes  LOL!  This from an unrepentant terrorist.

And just when you’ve lost hope, someone like Elbert Guillory comes along.  He’s a Louisiana senator who recently switched from a D to an R.  Quote to remember:  “Abandon the government plantation and the party of disappointment.”

Carl thought a little test might be fun…check it out!

(BTW, I fall in one of the 8% categories and I’m guessing most of you will, too.)

Are you smarter than Candy Crowley? Brian Williams? Scott Pelley? How about Alan Colmes? Juan Williams?
Liberals like to mock how little conservatives know, especially those that watch Fox News Channel. And we have all seen on-the-spot interviews with Obama supporters and others that are miserably informed.  The Pew Center has prepared a high school level test to check your knowledge of current events. As a reader of this blog, I am confident you will do quite well.  If you have a left wing friend, you may want to see how well they do.
After taking the test be sure and see how smart your fellow citizens are. And just an FYI, I am selling Australian citizenship and passports for $3,000.
And Last But Not Least!  3 Things You Should Know About The Supreme Court and Voter ID    “Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down one of its first major decisions of this term, striking down Arizona’s measure requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration. Media reports are already off base in interpreting this decision, says Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky. Here are three things to know about the decision.”


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