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Hump Day Report: Obama’s Carnival Tricks

ALOHA, ALL!!  Barack Obama spent the weekend hosting world leaders at the G-8 summit (except Vladimir Putin….remember he decided he needed to work on choosing his cabinet instead…after Obama specifically picked Camp David in anticipation of Putin’s presence…can you say PUNK’D?  Ah, but I digress.)  So what did Barry decide was a priority topic of discussion?  His made up war on women, of course:  Preezy Maintains Priorities With Global Leaders as the World Nears Collapse   No way he could talk about his disastrous presidency.  But does he really think they don’t know?  Meanwhile, back in Barry’s hometown of Chicago, his fine, upstanding comrades were preparing for the NATO summit:  F**K The Police:  First Wave of Anti-NATO Protestors Hits Chicago  Great video in this link of “Occupy NATO” punks doing what they do best.  But if they are so proud of what they’re doing, why do they find it necessary to hide their faces?  Ah yes….the anonymous life of a Bill Ayers wannabe.  UPDATE:  More Protests Planned for Chicago NATO Summit

But leave it to Barry – he put it all into perspective:  “Why All the Fuss?  This Isn’t as Big as Taste of Chicago”   Such a jokester, isn’t he?  I wonder if the NATO leaders like being compared to a carnival event with hot dogs and deep dish pizza.  Makes one wonder:  what if Bush had said this?

In Other News:

Good video – how to persuade a swing voter  

And she still has her job.  NC Teacher Tells Student He Could Be Arrested For Talking Badly About Obama  Can you say incompetent?  (Shaka to Bruce for the link)

Uncle Ted won’t like this one bit.  Feds Ready to Seize More Guitars at Concerts  The US Fish and Wildlife Service needs to get a life.

The story that won’t die (continued.)  Arizona Elections Chief Seeks Proof of Obama’s Citizenship  Obama may not be on the Arizona ballot.  This is getting interesting!

One who finally did die.  Lockerbie Bomber Died Today  Good riddance.

Lots of new Barry photos coming out all of a sudden.  Young Marxist Obama  And here he is with a Pakistani friend in the early 80s (uh…how many of you had Pakistani friends in the 80s?  How many of you knew anyone who had Pakistani friends in the 80s???)  Which begs the question:  how do we know Obama has “evolved” from his socialist/Marxist ways?  Check this out:  The Long Shadow of Barack Obama’s Identity Crisis

This is great!  Since Barry wants to insert himself into the biographies of past Presidents, why not everywhere else?  Check out these stellar accomplishments by Barry – LOL!  Barack in History  Here’s a teaser:  

Final Thought:  “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”  -Hillary Clinton, 2003 (Shaka to Rosie)


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