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Bridge to Nowhere



Are you sick of hearing about Chris Christie’s ‘bridge-gate’ yet?  Lamestream media have already devoted 17 times more coverage to this Bridge to Nowhere than the IRS scandal….over the past 6 months.  And what about the latest news that Obama, Hillary, Rice and ALL of them knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack almost immediately?  Wanna bet it will get little coverage?  Media morons.  Some real news:

Further Proof That Obama Knew The Truth About Benghazi  

Fox:  Administration Knew Within Minutes That Benghazi Was Terror Attack


ObamaCare Enrollment:  Only 24% Are Young and Healthy

Obama Should Pay for Michelle’s Birthday Present  (Yes….she’s still in Hawaii on OUR dime)

Here’s the Obama Hawaiian vacation home.  Word has it that Queen Michelle is hanging with BFF Oprah on Maui now, but this is where they stayed for their 2-week getaway (Shaka to Jan):

Report:  No Federal Criminal Charges Expected In IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups

2014 Index of Economic Freedom  (US isn’t even in the top 10 – Estonia ranks higher)

When Ignorance Is an Excellent Excuse  (There are 40,000 new laws on the books for 2014.  See above story.  Coincidence?)

WaPo:  ObamaCare’s Limits on Doctors Will Make People Furious


The Spanish ObamaCare Website is Just About as Awful as the English Version

Court Frowns on Obama’s Picks  Carl Adds:  Imagine how powerful it would be for the US Supreme Court to expedite and consolidate all cases regarding Obama’s abuse of his Executive Authority! We might even get the Low-Information-Voters to pull their attention away from texting or whatever it is that makes them so ill-informed.  And given the direction he has taken the Court with his early nominations, now would be a good time to settle these matters. While most justices use the actual Constitution to find their rulings.

3 Things You Don’t Need Rober Gates’ Book to Know



Liars and Losers

Shaka to Susie

Shaka to Susie


Can you hear that?  It’s the great sucking sound of Obama’s pResidency being flushed down the toilet.  But what’s interesting is it’s not just Obama going down the crapper, it’s John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner and others.  What I find absolutely incredulous is that these Republicans are sticking with the Community-Organizer-in-Chief and don’t realize they are destroying their own careers in the process.  If they supported a flat-out leveling of Syria, Iran and any other dirtbag country I could see it.  But they KNOW Obama would never do that.  And these are the savages they want us to support:  Either You Convert to Islam or You Will Be Beheaded    And Bashar Assad was interviewed by Charlie Rose.  No surprises here:  Strike Syria, Expect Everything from the Gangs of Syria   And who comes in to save Obama’s sorry okole?  None other than Vladimir Putin:  ‘Plan B’ for Syria?  All this makes Barry’s planned address to the nation Tuesday even more interesting.  I might even watch this one.  What will he say?  Prediction:  he’ll take credit for averting a war while he was the one who almost caused it to begin with.  That’s right….he was for the war before he was against it.

Best quote yet:  “Let Allah sort it out.”  Sarah Palin

What could be more flat-out ballsy than having a Million Muslim March in DC on 9/11?  (Oh yeah, they changed the name to “The Million Americans Against Fear.”  Nice try, liars.)  Yes, it’s planned and DC has granted  a permit for the march.  But look out because the 2 Million Bikers to DC is happening….even though they were denied a permit.  The bikers are riding to honor those who were murdered on 9/11.  Gotta love this!!!!


Carl Adds:

Syria and CIA Director’s alleged conversion to Islam

Last February, during an interview with Tom Trento, John Guandolo claimed that he personally knows two people who witnessed current CIA Director John Brennan convert to Islam in the 1990′s while stationed in Saudi Arabia. We posted the interview at the time but in light of the allegations made by Yossef Bodansky and Dale Gavlak – in conjunction with our own research – relative to the CIA involvement in Syria, perhaps it’s an interview worth revisiting.
No Joke:  Susan Rice Will Brief Congress on Syria on Anniversary of Benghazi  (Gilia Adds:  Love Michelle Malkin’s comment – “Which movie will she blame this time??”)
McCain Uses I-Word: O Would Be Impeached if ‘Boots On The Ground’ Not bad for a guy that would not even permit the use of Rodeo Clown’s middle name in 2008.
But Frodo and the Other Hobbit Characters are Causing Senator Wacko Bird his own problems: Arizona Republicans Seek Distance from ‘Out of Step’ John McCain
Remember Bush “Lied?” Just Ask Them to Provide Quote, Time, and Place. Then Offer This Up For Documentation: Obama, the lying liar Details. Details. Details.


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