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Friday Musings


Yeah...such geniuses

Yeah…such geniuses

ALOHA, ALL!!!  Since it’s Friday I thought I’d put together a little mishmash of stories.  Remember – “Illigetimi non carborundum.”  (Refer to photo above.)

So much for Obama’s plan to make us feel the pain of those disastrous cuts:  After Flight Delays, Just 24% Think Sequester Cut Too Much

“What difference does it make?”  (Hillary Clinton):  State Department Benghazi Review Under Investigation; Al Qaeda Took Part

Here’s the answer to “why”:  Wrong Message on Assimilation  (I say bring back Ellis Island and make English the official language.)

But wasn’t Obamacare supposed to give us all great healthcare?  Landmark Study Shatters Liberal Health Care Claims 

That’s OK – she’s got friends in high places.  Friend of Bill Ayers, Cop Killing Fugitive Assata Shakur Placed on FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List (Yes, she’s the aunt of Tupac Shakur, rapper punk who was killed several years ago.  Yet no one condemns the violence in the Black community, most notably the first “Black” president.)

Mugshot taken of Assata Shakur, taken followin...

Mugshot taken of Assata Shakur, taken following her arrest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GREAT interview of Clarence Thomas (Shaka to Scott):  Obama ‘Approved by the Elites’ Because He Says What They ‘Expect From a Black Person’

Here’s the video…


Benghazi: Lies, Damned Lies, Liars, and Who Did What to Whom and When

Aloha, All!!  The scandal about Benghazi won’t die….and it shouldn’t.  While we are concerned about the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, don’t forget this debacle and the subsequent cover-up.  Americans died on American soil and Obama and his administration did nothing to protect them!!  I’m re-posting this blog from my friend Nebraska Energy Observer.   Benghazi: Lies, Damned Lies, Liars, and Who Did What to Whom and When.   It’s comprehensive and up-to-date.

And watch this incredibly emotional interview of Charles Woods, father of killed Navy SEAL and Benghazi hero Ty Woods, from last night’s Hannity show:

Speaking of lies:  Obama’s Sequester Proposal Slashes Funds For FEMA, Disaster Relief


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