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Diving Dow, Bombing Barack



Carl Writes:

Today’s Big News: DOW DIVES DEEP (Market Loses Over 3% in Last 4 Sessions)
Obama’s “Plumbers” Have Their Desired Effect:  US seizure of journalist records called ‘chilling’
Just When You Thought Speaker of House Had a Pair: Boehner calls for ‘bipartisan’ immigration bill (that will make people like him)
Immigration Bill Adds 16 Mil People Vs. Zero In '07
Note: CBO Estimate. Additional Chain Migration of Appx. 13-18 million not included.
After a Period of Being Gun-Shy (Not Much News Coverage of Them), Pollsters Now Register and Reporting Obama Drop in Polls:
Rasmussen (46% approval – 53% Disapproval):
Polling Data:

Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread
RCP Average 6/7 – 6/19 45.8 49.3 -3.5
Gallup 6/17 – 6/19 1500 A 47 45 +2
Rasmussen Reports 6/17 – 6/19 1500 LV 46 53 -7
The Economist/YouGov 6/15 – 6/17 684 RV 44 54 -10
Pew Research 6/12 – 6/16 1512 A 49 43 +6
CNN/Opinion Research 6/11 – 6/13 1014 A 45 54 -9
Time 6/10 – 6/11 805 A 48 44 +4
FOX News 6/9 – 6/11 1019 RV 44 50 -6
Reuters/Ipsos 6/7 – 6/11 1037 A 43 51 -8
How to Steal an Election and Get Away With It: How IRS Blunted Tea Party Momentum

If You Are Re-Thinking Your Membership in Facebook This May Help Decide: Why I Dumped Facebook
So, How Many Liberals Have Told You The Death Panels of Obamacare are Just a Myth? (“develop detailed and specific proposals related to the Medicare program”)
Don’t Be a Nancy Boy: Priests to Pelosi: condemn abortion or leave the Church (and How About a Word on Obama’s Attack on Catholic Schools?)
This Guy Is Not an Honest Broker: Fox News hires Howard Kurtz



Hump Day Report: Elves Unite!


ALOHA, ALL!!   In my last post, I talked about the victim mentality that is so rampant today.  It seems everyone’s victim and deserves sympathy (aka deference, aka special care, aka compensation).  Where will it end?  So I came across this video today that is so hilarious on a number of fronts….a liberal “politically correct” Democrat trying to explain his use of what he calls “The M Word” when describing events in Michigan.  Yes folks, Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) will no longer say the word “midget” when describing people of small stature.  Apparently that’s offensive.  Of course, never mind that his original analogy was way off-base – the unions are the small people in this controversy?  And never mind that Mr. Johnson seems to be a victim in his own right – he has a severe deficiency of common sense, as well as (dare I say) brains.  Hello Hank Johnson – the union representing Santa’s elves has demanded they strike – YOUR house!!!!   No Christmas for you.  This is too good not to share.  Happy Friday!

Hey Hank – why didn’t you rail against this?  Union Goons Destroyed Man’s Hot Dog Cart While Calling Him ‘Nigger’ and ‘Uncle Tom  “Mr. Tarver has been operating his food businesses since 1990 in the Lansing area. He had been hired by Americans for Prosperity to cater their tent during Tuesday’s rallies.”

BTW, this is the same guy who was afraid Guam would sink, or tip over, or capsize or something:   Hank Johnson’s Controversial Comments Posted on Youtube  

In Other (Less Humorous) News:

12 Days of Obamacare Surprises  “One of the most infamous features of Obamacare is the individual mandate, which requires most Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a tax for being uninsured.”

Best idea I’ve heard all year!  Maybe Republicans should Buy Media Outlets Rather Than Donate To Super PACS  “Buy some women’s magazines. No, really. Or at least some women’s Web sites. One of the groups with whom Romney did worst was female “low-information voters.” Those are women who don’t really follow politics, and vote based on a vague sense of who’s mean and who’s nice, who’s cool and who’s uncool. Since, by definition, they don’t pay much attention to political news, they get this sense from what they do read. And for many, that’s traditional women’s magazines — Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, the Ladies Home Journal, etc. — and the newer women’s sites like YourTango, The Frisky, Yahoo! Shine, and the like.”

Also love this!  Things To Say To Obama Voters Who Lost Their Jobs  “Didn’t your lady parts warn you this would happen?”  Ha Ha Ha!!!!


Nancy Pelosi Abandons Halloween For Kwanzaa  “Typically I would be more inclined to believe Nancy Pelosi would associate herself with Halloween rather than a fake seasonal holiday like Kwanzaa. Celebrating the day of the dead, ghosts, skeletons, ogres, witches, teeming caldrons, and broomsticks would seem to be more in keeping with her character, behavior, and, yes, her looks, as well.”

Final Thought:  “We want elf-care…we want elf-care.”  Elves protesting at SantaCon.  Could this be their year to be up in (tiny) arms?  Are they emboldened by their union brethren in Michigan?  


Prayers are with the families in Connecticut who lost loves ones in today’s school shooting

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