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Everyone’s caught up in March Madness….and all brackets are now officially blown up with so many top-ranked teams losing.  But there’s more than just March Madness going on, there is Madness.  Period.

Did you hear about Michelle’s Obama’s trip to China?  No press were allowed to accompany her, her mother and two daughters.  Brit Hume Might Know Why US Media Were Frozen Out of First Lady’s China Trip  A 3400 square foot, $8350/night suite??????  Must be nice to be Queen Michelle.  (Shaka to Scott)

Obama Most Expensive, Well Traveled President in History  President Barack Obama has spent more time traveling abroad than other U.S. president in history at this point in their presidencies, according to a forthcoming study from the National Taxpayer Union Foundation (NTUF) provided exclusively to Breitbart News ahead of its public release.  “The most internationally well-traveled President, through five years, is also flying the most expensive-to-operate Air Force One to date,” NTUF wrote.

Joe Biden Thinks Obama Should be Nominated for Sainthood.  Yeah.  That makes perfect sense coming from Joe.

Desperate Pro-ObamaCare Group Resorts to Bribery.  Young Invincibles, a nonprofit based in Washington, DC, has launched the Healthy Young America App Sweepstakes, which gives youth a shot at a $1,200 cash prize for downloading and using their healthcare signup app or sending an entry card in the mail.  Young Invicibles – gotta love the name.  If they had a clue they’d realize their name is a clue why young people are signing up!

Whispers of a Democratic Presidential Dream Team.  Clinton/Obama, as in Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama.

Hope & BS:  No Charges From DOJ Against Woman Who Voted Six Times For Obama.  The United States Department of Justice under Eric Holder has done nothing to Melowese Richardson 410 days after she admitted on camera that she committed multiple federal felonies by voting six times for President Obama’s reelection.

CNN Anchor Don Lemon – Could A Black Hole Explain Malaysian Airlines Disappearance?  It’s not the first time Lemon has invoked the supernatural to explain why the plane is missing.  And… Maybe Malaysian Airlines Flight hasn’t Been Found Because of Global Warming  The left is so predictable.

Mexico Sees Russian Gambit in Ukraine as Chance for American Land Grab.   On Friday, in Geneva, Mexico signaled alarm at the treatment of its large Mexican minority in the United States, comparing American actions to prevent the use of Spanish to attempts in Ukraine and Estonia to prevent the use of Russian.


And These From Carl:


GratefulEnough Madness for one day….

God Bless America – Pass This On!!

HDR 127: Another Muslim Attack On Our Military

ALOHA, ALL!!! THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ISLAMIC EXTREMISM…..just keep repeating that to yourself.  Even though an Albanian just shot and killed some US military members in Germany, pay no attention to the fact that he yelled “Allahu Akbar” before his shooting spree.  Instead, let’s build a mosque at Ground Zero and go back to watching Snookie on “Jersey Shore.” Don’t Jump to Conclusions, But A Man Yelling “Allah Akbar” Shot Some US Service Members in Germany | All American Blogger And: Gunman Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Kills Two U.S. Airmen in Germany – ABC News Remember the military recruiters killed in Arkansas a couple of years ago?  Remember the Ft. Hood shootings?  These are not isolated attacks, folks.  They are coordinated killings.

Barry/Barack refuses to let border agents carry loaded weapons.  “There are laws in place in Mexico that say that our agents should not be armed,” Obama said, describing the U.S. role south of the border as an “advisory” one. “We do not carry out law enforcement activities inside of Mexico.”  Oh yeah – those lethal beanbags are working great.  Records show agents fired beanbags in fatal border gunfight

One Dan down….one to go! US Sen. Akaka To Retire At End Of 2012 – WSJ.com Already this year, moderate Democratic Sens. Jeff Bingaman (D., N.M.), Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) and Jim Webb (D., Va.) have said they would retire, as has Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I., Ct.), another moderate lawmaker who generally votes with the majority party. The Democrats are going to struggle to retain control of the New Mexico, North Dakota and Virginia seats–as all three are traditionally Republican friendly parts of the country.  So  in Hawaii, we have one Dan (Inouye) left.  It would truly be paradise if we no longer had both of them in the Senate!

Obama Says Gov’t Employees Not to Blame, Yet in 41 States They Make More Than Everyone | THE UNION LABEL In a recent interview with Channel 4 TV News in Milwaukee, President Obama denied that government employees are responsible for the “budget problems” that the nation faces and that employees such as those in Wisconsin are not to blame. We shouldn’t “vilify” them, he said. Yet, seeming to contradict Obama’s claims USA Today has reported that in 41 states government employees make more on average than workers in the private sector.

Talk to the Hand.  Michelle Obama to Hold Another ‘Listen Only’ Press Briefing | CNSnews.com First Lady Michelle Obama will hold another “listen-only” conference call with reporters this afternoon, continuing a pattern of holding events for the media where access is sharply limited.

How Barry/Barack tightens his own belt (from the Patriot Post):  Barack Obama continuously encourages us to make due with a little less, tighten up the belt, and carpool. We all have to make sacrifices — unless, of course, we need to fly our personal trainer in from Chicago to Washington every week. Obama’s trainer, Cornell McClellan, does just that. The president recently allowed 40,000 federal workers to telecommute for a week to cut down on emissions. Perhaps that’s the carbon offset for flying in someone to count presidential pushups.

Yet Another New Obamacare Bureaucracy | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Back in December, Heritage noted that the number of waivers granted by the Obama Administration was 222. In just two months, the number has skyrocketed to 915. These waivers don’t solve the real and permanent issues in the United States’ health insurance market and instead highlight the carelessness with which Obamacare was crafted. Rather than instill positive reform, they signal an attempt to plug one of the many holes under the new law.

UGH….just sing already!  James Taylor Hopes Americans Recognize Obama as ‘Remarkable Leader’ | CNSnews.com

THE HDR IS GETTING NATIONAL ATTENTION! Check this out:  Hump Day Report: ‘Tea Party vs Flee Party’ – Common American Journal Common American Journal is a great online daily with lots of good info.  I’m proud and honored to be included!

Watch this video, then ask yourself:  if these were Tea Partiers instead of Flea Baggers, what would the  lamestream media reportage be?  Check out the guy who is repeatedly harassed and shoved by a Flea Bagger – I don’t know how he maintained his cool!  

BTW….Officials say it’ll cost $7.5 million to clean up glue, tape, posters left from Wisconsin protesters

ALLEN WEST, ALLEN WEST, ALLEN WEST!!! (That outburst is not related to anything except that he is absolutely awesome!!!)

Breaking News! Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!  Senate GOP in Wisconsin Orders Police to Take AWOL Dems Into Custody – FoxNews.com

Final Thought: “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”  Ronald Reagan (I  know…I’ve used this one before but it’s one of my favorite Reaganism!)


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