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HDR 95(1): Mustang Harry


The World's Oldest Profession And Its Biggest Fan!

So you thought you’ve heard it all?  How about this:  Harry Reid took illegal donations from a Nevada brothel to fund his political campaign.  But wait….prostitution is legal in Nevada.  In fact, no law prohibited the brothel owner (Joe Conforte of the Mustang Ranch) from contributing to Reid, as long as Reid pledged the money toward his statewide office campaign and reported the amount. But Reid did neither.  This was nearly 40 years ago but the story could blast “Mustang Harry” right out of the Senate.  I hope it’s true and that Reid’s former long-time campaign manager (who broke the story) isn’t just blowing smoke:  Pimp Paid For First Harry Reid Campaign I know what you’re thinking…too  many jokes to even think about here!  Let er rip 😉  BTW, the Mustang Ranch has quite a history – it was licensed in 1971 as Nevada’s first brothel.  (Thanks to Ralph for another great image!)

Continuing With The Adults Only Theme…Judge Smacks Down 0bama.  A federal district judge on Monday blocked President Obama’s 2009 executive order that expanded embryonic stem cell research, saying it violated a ban on federal money being used to destroy embryos:  Judge Halts 0bama’s Expansion of Stem Cell Research Be sure to read the sob story from the Boston doctor…boo hoo!  BTW, embryonic stem cells have NEVER been shown to provide any health benefits.  Adult stem cells are another story:  Stem Cell Research – Adults Only?

Meanwhile, Back At The Vineyard.  The 0bama’s are still on vacation.  A Nor’easter blew through there on Monday (just wait until the tsunami they get in November) but didn’t dampen their plans…the Anointed Couple stepped out for dinner. Last week, there was fecal matter on the beach – the horror!  But before he left for his 5th vacation since July, 0bama made some recess appointments, one of whom has a really shady past – turns out her former boyfriend was a Cuban national and Castro sympathizer:  0bama Appoints Maria del Carmen Aponte As Ambassador to El Salvador So doesn’t 0bama know anyone without a questionable past?  Why is he naming all these people to governmental posts? Oh wait…see the Marxist picture below…..

Joe’s In Charge! While 0bama is on vacation, Joltin’ Joe Biden has been front and center, doing what he does best – putting his foot in his mouth.  He’s been touting how the stimulus has created jobs and it looks like he’s correct…in El Salvador (wow – that’s the second El Salvador mention this week – weird.)  Vice President Biden Defends Stimulus Scheme Anyhow, just wondering how Joe can explain this:  “Under the vigilant oversight of Vice President Biden and other Democrats such as Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, the “stimulus” spending binge recently led to the creation of new jobs in El Salvador at the expense of American taxpayers, while the unemployment rate in Ohio remains well above 10 percent. The fiasco has been documented by the Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and other Ohio media outlets – but to date, Vice President Biden hasn’t said a word. And with the apparent support of the Vice President, President Obama last week in Ohio erroneously “highlighted a stimulus project that wasn’t a stimulus project,” according to the Columbus Dispatch, in a flailing attempt to prove the massive spending package created jobs in the Buckeye State.”  Can’t fool those Buckeyes!

School Daze. 0bama now has a school named after him in the DC area – hooray!  The Barack 0bama Elementary School opened its doors Monday and is a “environmentally green school.”  I wonder if they have to bring their own toilet paper. And even though California is broke, the state plans to open a $578 million public school next month in Los Angeles. Named the Robert F Kennedy Community Schools, it will be K-12 and house 4200 students.  Amenities include fine art murals and a marble memorial depicting the complex’s namesake, a manicured public park, and a state-of-the-art swimming pool.  Ready to move in?

And Here’s What Kids are Learning.  Did you  know that Jesus was a Palestinian?  Or that the Muslims discovered America before Columbus?  And…Israel never existed?  Check this video out:  US Textbooks – Muslims Discovered America Is blood shooting out of your eyes now?  It should be!

This Guy Is A Bridge Builder? Only if it’s a bridge to nowhere.  Check out what Imam Raul said in 2005: We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non Muslims. You may remember that the US-led sanctions against Iraq led to the death of over half a million Iraqi children. This has been documented by the United Nations. And when Madeleine Albright, who has become a friend of mine over the last couple of years, when she was Secretary of State and was asked whether this was worth it, said it was worth it.”  BTW, if Albright is a friend that speaks volumes. Check out more at my friend Pamela Geller’s blog:  Atlas Shrugs Lot’s of explosive stuff there, including the Imam using the “N” word.

And This Explains A Lot – I’ve been wondering why Mayor Bloomberg has been so supportive of the Ground Zero mosque.  Maybe it’s because his namesake news service has a significant financial interest in keeping those of Middle Eastern heritage happy:  Bloomberg’s Quiet Investments In Sharia Finance

LOVE THIS!!! Click HERE for the bumper sticker from Patriot Post

Marine Corps Commandant Speaks Out Against 0bama Afghan Plans. WOW!  This is big for a guy to do this while on active duty.  He is retiring this Fall:  U.S. Withdrawal Date Has Boosted Morale of Taliban Note this story comes from a French news source – go figure!

There He Goes Again. W keeps acting like he’s got some class.  What the heck is wrong with him???  Doesn’t he know he’s making 0bama look bad?  See, it’s all Bush’s fault after all – he keeps showing support for the troops so 0bama has no choice but to set a timetable to pull out of Afghanistan!  George W Bush Thanks Maine Military Families Oh yeah – this was another surprise visit by W and Laura.

And This will Make You Chuckle – some are calling for W to come out in support of the GZ mosque!  Mosque Supporters Beg W To Come To 0bama’s Rescue You have gto to be kidding!!  As Karl Rove put it “redemption is always available for liberals and time causes even the most stubborn of ideologues to revisit mistaken judgments.” But won’t these Bush critics shortly return to criticizing Bush? “This Bush swoon by selected members of the left commentariat is temporary,” Rove answered. “Their swamp fevers will return momentarily.”

More Humor…Uplifting Prayer – A friend and former Marine officer retired a few months ago and has started his own business making land mines that look like Islamist prayer mats. He tells me business is booming and prophets are going through the roof.  Do you want to buy some stock?

They’re Not All Left-Wing Loons:  Clint Howard – brother of  lib Ron Howard (aka Opie) produced a new video for the Heritage Foundation.  Titled “August Recess Excuses” it creates awareness about the disconnect between the issues that concern congressional leaders and those that concern their constituents.  Disconnect?  More like deaf ears!

Then Again, Loons Abound In Hollyweird! Ernest Borgnine is set to receive the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award in January.  Some people think he shouldn’t get it because he criticized (and didn’t see) the movie “Brokeback Mountain”:  Should SAG Be Honoring Ernest Borgnine? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Oh yeah – he served in the Navy in WWII and received several medals.  I have a feeling Ernie couldn’t give a rip about the SAG either way.

The Fundamental Transformation of America. “When Obama wrote a book and said he was mentored as a youth by Frank, (Frank Marshall Davis) an avowed Communist, people said it didn’t matter.

When it was discovered that his grandparents, were strong Socialists, sent Obama’s mother to a Socialist school, introduced Frank Marshall Davis to young Obama, people said it didn’t matter.

When people found out that he was enrolled as a Muslim child in school and his father and step father were both Muslims, people said it didn’t matter.

When he wrote in another book he authored “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” regarding the Palestinian issue, people said it didn’t matter.

When he admittedly, in his book, said he chose Marxist friends and professors in college, people said it didn’t matter.

When he traveled to Pakistan after college on an unknown national passport, people said it didn’t matter.

When he sought the endorsement of the Marxist Party in 1996 as he ran for the Illinois Senate, people said it doesn’t matter.

When he sat in a Chicago Church for twenty years and listened to a preacher spew hatred for America and preach Black Liberation Theology, people said it didn’t matter…..”  There’s more – click HERE to read the rest and then vow to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!  (Thanks to Don for the link.)

Final Thought: ‎”Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” Ben Franklin, 1759

BREAKING NEWS:  Election results are coming in as I type.  Not all are in but so far it looks like McCain beat Hayworth in AZ, Scott is the GOP candidate for Governor in Fl, and Rubio will face Meek and Crist for FL Senate.


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