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Hump Day Report: Obama, The Fly Whisperer

ALOHA, ALL!!  I know you’ll enjoy this illustration.  It’s another great depiction from Antonio Branco and needs no explanation.  But don’t you recall flies swarming around Barry in an interview not too long ago?  In fact, he actually caught one of them.  But that’s not the only encounter Barry’s had with flies:  What’s this creepy thing with Obama and flies? « The Stuttering Messiah  Now the mystery is solved!!  Antonio’s cartoon shows why they’re attracted to him.

We don’t need no stinkin’ jobs!   This is priceless – Accuracy in Media went down to the OWS utopia in D.C. as “headhunters,”  telling people that they were hiring.  You MUST listen to the excuses for not wanting jobs.  And be sure to watch to the very end to find out the result of their employee search.  

Teachers are doing OK.  Study: Public school teachers aren’t underpaid – Common American Journal  “…new research from The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute suggests a majority of public school teachers are making more than they likely would in the private sector.”

Can’t wait to see all those redacted pages.  White House Subpoenaed, Stimulus Loans Under Investigation  “…the Department of Energy’s Office of Inspector General is “is investigating more than 100 potential instances of criminal abuse of stimulus loan monies,” according to a Daily Caller report.”

AN IMPORTANT HOLIDAY MESSAGE FROM A TRUE PATRIOT!  Most of us can’t imagine what it must be like far from home during the Holiday Season.  That’s because someone else has made that sacrifice for us.

This year, Eagles UP is introducing our holiday “Picture This” initiative, where everyone can participate in sending our troops our warmest holiday wishes.  It will mean so much to our deployed heroes in Afghanistan.  Everyone can participate – families, individuals, civic groups, the football team, the local deli employees, your church group or synagogue – everyone…all you need is a camera and holiday spirit!

Simply snap a picture of your best holiday cheer and email it to me at USMCdaughter1@aol.com.  It will become part of a slide show that will be sent to Afghanistan and shown in the DFAC of a major base there.  If you’d like to include a brief message, I’ll be sure to insert it into the photo.  Imagine seeing the faces and smiles of so many who support them from back home.  Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas take a different dimension.  A copy of the slideshow will also be shown on our website during the month of December.

So, take your picture, email it to me in either .jpg or .bmp format and send your love and appreciation to our troops far away this holiday season!!

“Some gave all, some still are…NEVER FORGET!  www.eaglesup.us  

The list is growing.  Connie Mack | Eric Holder Resignation | Fast and Furious | The Daily Caller  “Attorney General Eric Holder’s service in the Obama administration may be coming to an end. Thirty members of Congress are now calling for Holder’s immediate resignation — a number that grows larger every day.”  UPDATE – Add 4 more:  Eric Holder | Fast and Furious | Congress | The Daily Caller

The Misery Index is back.  Remember this indicator used during the Carter years?  It gauges the economy based on inflation and unemployment rates.  Here’s how it looks today (BTW, if you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow @PatBell and @GOPLabs):

Do you think this would happen if they were Muslims?  HHS Accused of Turning Its Back on Catholic Health Care | CNSnews.com  ” Witnesses told a House panel on Wednesday that the Obama administration’s definition of a “religious employer” under Obamacare must change immediately, or else Catholic and other pro-life health care providers will be forced to choose between violating their consciences or curtailing access to care.”

Then this shows up in my inbox:  Hotel boots anti-sharia conference – Common American Journal  “…when hotel officials learned that sharia critics Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were scheduled to speak, they promptly canceled the event and returned the deposit, citing security concerns.”

ICYMI:  House Republicans have passed FIFTEEN jobs bills that are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk.  He refuses to act on them (hey Nevada….thanks again for re-electing this idiot.  OOPS!  I’m digressing again.)   So when Barry goes around the country on his taxpayer-funded re-elecion tour claiming the Republicans don’t have a plan, it’s a lie.  Check this out:  

Final Thought:  “If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies on you and your officials, on your people and into your houses.” Bible: Exodus 8:21


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