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ALOHA, ALL! Even though she’s still han…

ALOHA, ALL! Even though she’s still hanging around, Nancy Nitwit no longer has the Speaker’s gavel….and that’s a reason to celebrate! (Actually, I have two reasons to celebrate today: my Buckeyes won the Sugar Bowl and a fellow Buckeye is now Speaker of the House – WOO HOO!) Anyhow, while I don’t think the GOP is perfect, having them in control of the House is a welcome change. And Boehner’s first act was to have the Constitution read on the House floor….I wonder how many of them are hearing its words for the first time???? So here’s to the 112th Congress and to the demise of the Wicked Witch of the West. It’s time to get to work and take this country back to the Constitutional principles on which it was founded: LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!! Here’s a great web article from The Heritage Foundation:

Sure Wish He Would Have Knocked Some Sense Into Her!!


Unemployment Now at 9.8%

Today the Labor Department released its monthly jobs report, which showed that the U.S. economy added an anemic 39,000 jobs this month and that the nation’s unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent. That marks the 19th month in a row that the unemployment has been over 9 percent, a post–World War II record:

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