Obamacare: The Nightmare That Keeps on Giving


It’s gift-giving season.  We’re all hustling out to buy gifts for our loved ones to show we care for them.  Obama likes to think ObamaCare is a ‘gift’ to the American people but the American people say “not so much.”  There is so much that’s wrong with this legislation and the hits keep coming.  So Santa, if you’re reading this, Obama and the Democrats deserve lumps of coal this year.  Descriptors are numerous:  From the  ‘Lie of the Year’ to Nancy Pelosi’s “embrace the suck” everyone knows by now how bad this is.  (Pelosi was talking about the budget deal but seems appropriate for ObamaCare.)  I’m in amazement that Obama’s approval isn’t 10%…but hey, that’s me.

Chicago Tribune Editorial:  ObamaCare Delivering a Scroogesque Christmas

There Was A Much Easier Way To Exempt People From ObamaCare

Ten Broken ObamaCare Promises

Krauthammer:  Just Watch, Insurance Companies Ruined by ObamaCare Will Come Knocking for a Bailout

Yet the Obama administration continues to spend OUR tax dollars promoting this fiasco, with campaigns like Pajama Boy.  Then there’s this ad, from a group called Out2Enroll (Shaka to Karen):

No worries, though.  Barack, family and countless BFFs are vacationing in sunny Hawaii yet again, making usually laid-back island residents unhappy.  He even took the time while on his vaycay to sign up for the ObamaCare Bronze Plan – what a guy!!!!!  Alas, things for Barry/Barack aren’t so hunky-dory in paradise.  His bruddahs & sistas aren’t so enchanted with him anymore.  This poll is from Saturday’s Honolulu Star Advertiser.  It appears Barry and his entourage are wearing out their welcome.


This is my only comment about the Duck Dynasty controversy….


This will likely be my last post before the New Year.  I wish all HDR readers much health and happiness during this Christmas and Holiday Season.  I want to leave you with this….to remind us all what Christmas is really about.  It’s my favorite Christmas song, “Silent Night.”  The first video is Christina Aguilera in 1991 – as a young girl –  before she became a superstar .  The second is her rendition a few years later.  And the third is a tribute to our troops (Shaka to Susie.)

God Bless America, and Merry Christmas.

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  1. M. Rethman says :

    America elected a dreamy-eyed, pathological narcissist Marxist con-man who has evolved into a hard-core Leninist… no longer dreamy-eyed, but whose pathological narcissism has waxed.

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