Update: Harvard Spoiled Kid

Eldo Kim

Eldo Kim


In my last post I wrote about the bomb threat at the Harvard campus on Tuesday.  It shut down the school for the day and caused final exams to be cancelled.  And students applauded.  It turns out one student must have clapped until his hands were raw:  Harvard Student, 20, Is Arrested In Connection With Campus Bomb Scare  

On an undated biography on the website for Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Kim identified himself as a research assistant helping to analyze “partisan taunting.” He also called himself a writer for the Harvard International Review and a dancer with the Harvard Breakers.  In addition, he claimed to enjoy “playing pool, trying new restaurants, watching terrible cult films, and playing with his Mini Schnauzer puppy.”

We have officially become brilliant….but stupid.  Successful….yet jaded.  We’ve achieved ‘having-it-all’ status but are empty in character.  When young people look at going to college (and a prestigious one at that) as a chore and just one more item to check off their ‘to-do’ list, we really are in trouble.  Not that long ago, it was an honor to attend a university and a way to attain success.  I find this particularly repulsive because I know how hard my Dad worked to help me get a college education.  I know how important it was to my Mom  – who was never able to graduate from high school – to achieve such a distinction.  I detest the idea that a kid today could have his priorities so out of whack that he’d rather call in a bomb threat and face prison than take his final exams.  Wow.



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