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I’m in Boston right now and of course the news is focused on the bomb threats at Harvard.  Both local and national media are covering this heavily….mostly because it’s Boston and it’s another bomb threat.  But what’s interesting is that as they show students and people on the Harvard campus walking by the TV cameras and carrying on their daily lives, they seemed unconcerned.  In fact, it’s been reported that Harvard students cheered when they were told finals were cancelled for the day.  Cheered?  There’s a bomb threat yet they cheer because college tests are avoided?  Welcome to the new ‘normal.’  Welcome to a world where all that’s paramount is short-term gratification.  It’s a world that most young people – thanks to my ‘Baby Boomer’ generation – only care about what might happen in the next nano-second with no concern for the long term.  A truly abnormal normal.

Harvard Students Applaud Bomb Threat After Final Exams Canceled  To fix this, Heritage has suggested a tax credit or tax deduction that would be the same for everyone. This would help offset the cost of insurance, making it more affordable.

Harvard Bomb Scare Forces Evacuations, Halts Final Exams

The Harvard Crimson has updates on Twitter and its Website


How to Help Uninsured Americans  To fix this, Heritage has suggested a tax credit or tax deduction that would be the same for everyone. This would help offset the cost of insurance, making it more affordable.

Why Hasn’t Jane Fonda’s $800G Charity Made Any Gifts Since 2006?  Bah Humbug, Hanoi Jane.

IRS Targeting, Round Two  The administration claims this rule is needed to clarify confusing tax laws. Hardly. The rule is the IRS’s new targeting program—only this time systematic, more effective, and with the force of law.  Yeah….those Tea Party groups need more regs but you go, Jane Fonda!!

LOL!  ANC Hires Garrett Morris as Sign Language Interpreter  A White House official applauded the move, saying HHS was looking into hiring Morris as the official sign language interpreter for videos found on the website

Biden Gropes for Way to Knock ObamaCare Off Front Pages  Unfortunately for Biden and the O team, Biden’s latest headline-grabbing antic, no doubt choreographed to drive the ObamaCare news off the front pages, appears to involve grabbing of more than just news headlines.  YIKES!!!!

He's just a 'folksy' kinda guy.....

He’s just a ‘folksy’ kinda guy…..

Watch this when you get the time.  Mike Lee is brilliant.

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7 responses to “The New Normal?”

  1. NEO says :

    Throw him in jail for twenty-seven year and maybe, like mandela, he’ll learn some lessons about life, statecraft, the Universe, and everything.

    • giliar says :

      Good idea NEO!

      • NEO says :

        I think so, but I don’t think enough in the ruling party do, yet, anyway!

      • giliar says :

        No they don’t and likely never will. No matter what they will always protect Obama. That’s why his approval rating is still higher than it should be. Obama symbolizes their crowning achievement of finally putting a socialist in the Oval Office.

      • NEO says :

        He does, and more, because he is also the very symbol of the corrupt corporatist which has come to symbolize both national parties. That’s the cabal we are going to have to break, and it’s going to be very difficult.

      • giliar says :

        You at so right NEO!

      • NEO says :

        But I wish I weren’t. Eisenhower did warn us though, although he didn’t really see HHS and such but, he saw the MIC very clearly, and I admit, I thought he was full of it, until the last few years, when it has become so blatant.

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