A Great Leader – Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela passed away today.  I had the opportunity to visit South Africa in August and while there, learned much more about his accomplishments than I had known before.  It’s amazing to think he was confined to a small jail cell on Robben Island  for 27 years.


Mandela jail cell at Robben Island

As I toured around South Africa after learning more about Apartheid and visiting the District Six Museum, I was amazed how little animosity blacks felt against whites.  Think about it…..blacks were forced to move from the neighborhoods where they lived, forced to leave their homes, and set up tenements where they would live their lives, raise their families and do business.  The lack of animosity was truly due to Mandela’s leadership and how he reacted to his own challenges.

Taken at the District 6 Museum in Cape Town

A photo I took at the District 6 Museum in Cape Town

A woman running a small business in one of the shanty towns of Cape Town

A photo I took of a woman running a small business in one of the shanty towns of Cape Town

There will be plenty of Mandela tributes in the coming days.  There will be lots of people praising him and his dedication to his country.  But if you really want to get a feel for the man and the impact he had, watch the movie “Invictus.”

Cover of "Invictus"

Cover of Invictus

This was not a man who was a race baiter or made a business from promoting one race over another. This was not an Al Sharpton or a Jessie Jackson, who made a living from racial politics.  This was a man who abhorred racial politics.  This was a man who truly believed all humans are created equal.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”  Nelson Mandela

God Bless Nelson Mandela



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9 responses to “A Great Leader – Nelson Mandela”

  1. M. Rethman says :

    Mandela was a committed communist, at least up until he actually had to lead his nation. But he endured a lot and was in many ways a hero for all mankind. But just because he was a hero, didn’t mean he was right.

    The seminal problem with communism, whether with a small “c” or a large “C”, is that it doesn’t work once one leaves the kibbutz.

    And because it doesn’t work, two things happen:
    1) The average man doesn’t feel driven to do anything more than as little as has to do to get by (unless he’s allowed a plot of land on which to grow veggies to sell in a free market place in the village), and,
    2) a “ruling class” is inevitable in lieu of chaos. In the old Soviet Union, the ruling class (along with favored athletes artists, etc.) among the Communists was called the “nomenklatura,” a German word meaning the “named class” or English, the royalty who make policy, who run the show, who get hard currency to spend in the “speical stores”, who get the best apartments, etc.

    Mandala was brave and a hero to many. But he was wrong about communism.

    Perhaps he came to see this, even in the context of the royalty he himself became. If he did, it’s too bad he didn’t share it with Obama — who is a staunch redistirbutionalist/communist who has never done anything much in his life but somehow got elected President of the United States.

    • giliar says :

      Well said! and I agree with you about communism and Mandela being very wrong about that. Nonetheless, he truly unified the country and was selfless in his pursuit. Unlike Barry/Barack.

  2. NEO says :

    I’d like to see more like this. I note that the ugliness is starting already, and while I don’t know enough, I’ve always felt there was a lot more that we didn’t know about here. So many of our friends are going to sound like leftists on this, I fear, and it will harm only us.

    Thanks again, Gilia

    • giliar says :

      Yes, NEO. I detest Sharpton & Jackson and their race-baiting ilk. I hate how they make a business out of promoting dissention. Geez….our own President is even guilty of some of this. They will all be praising Mandela as a great man. He was. But they can’t even come CLOSE to being the great leader he was. They are all charlatans, pure and simple. I’ll admit I wasn’t such a fan of Mandela until I went to South Africa. The more I learned about the man and the more I witnessed first-hand the impact he had on everyone there, it made me realize how remarkable he was.

      • NEO says :

        No, they aren’t. Part of what bothers me is what I’m seeing this afternoon on the right as well, not much better, really.

        That’s the thing, so much of what we heard in this country was all about how hard left he was and all the rest, in truth the same claptrap we heard about Dr. King in retrospect. But we never did hear any of the rest, which is a shame.

        I always could see that he was a leader but, you know that proves very little. Very glad you wrote this, nothing like local knowledge, cause we just didn’t know, I suspect.

      • giliar says :

        I know….that’s why I never really thought Mandela was someone to admire. Until I went there. The white people in South Africa loved him too because he brought the country together. He could have easily created division but didn’t. He could have easily incited civil war…and with blacks being the majority it would have been a horrible situation where they would have exerted revenge on the whites. Be sure to watch Invictus!

      • NEO says :

        I will, and thanks.

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