ObamaCare Train Wreck – It’s Way Off The Rails

mime-attachmentALOHA, ALL!!

Hubby likes to ask Obama supporters “how bad does it have to get?”  In other words, there are some who will always support Barry and his incompetence no matter what.  It astounds me – some of these people are intelligent individuals yet they don’t see past the fraud that is Barry/Barack Soetoro/Obama.  Now we have the number of how many people have enrolled in ObamaCare:  Low Numbers for ObamaCare

The Stats:

  • 106,185 “enrolled” (we still don’t know if these are people who actually bought or just have a plan in their virtual shopping cart:  Who will Be Counted As an ObamaCare Enrollee?)
  • 26,794 Enrolled in the Federal Exchanges
  • 79,391 Enrolled in the State Exchanges
  • But Medicaid is swimmingly popular:  396,261 signed up the past month
  • And how many have lost their insurance during this time?  5,026,143

So there you have it.  As hubby would say…..how bad does it have to get???

Other News:

ICYMI – Obama’s Veterans Day Hot Mic Moment.  Hey Barry….did you have something better to do that day?  Or have you been smoking too much and can’t handle those steps?  The men and women who died on the field of battle feel sorry for you, I’m sure.

11 ObamaCare Ads So Pathetic Only Pathetic Losers Think They’re Cool  Yes, these are real.  Here’s really barf-worthy one.  Oh yeah – I am especially offended at the poor grammar – doyougotinsurance.com???????  Lovely.

adObama Gives Food Stamp Money to Michelle (Shaka to Karen)  Great.  Do you want fries with that???

Obama Admin’s Corn-Ethanol Policies Are Pretty Terrible for the Environment  “…corn ethanol is not the helpful climate-change panacea that its advocates are incessantly, deliberately misrepresenting it as, and in fact, on net evaluation, the government’s wildly political biofuels push has brought about more long-term environmental harm than good.”  Who’d a thunk it?????

Related:  ‘We’ve Had Enough of this Socialism Masquerading as Environmentalism’  “…Australia is already putting the word out that they have no intention of participating in whatever globalist, redistributive, and ostensibly “green” cockamamie scheme the UN comes up with next.”

The Voter ID-Dent That Wasn’t  “It’s worth noting that these four voter-ID “victims” are hardly the poor, minority voters that the Left asserts are targeted by these laws. To the contrary, all four are white and quite prominent, one a Republican. They not only got to vote, they were alerted to discrepancies in their voter registrations that they can now get corrected.”

Did you miss Ted Cruz on The Tonight Show Monday?  Yeah….he’s a real wacko.  OOPS! And why did he shut down the government again??  Details, details.



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