The Magic Number Is….6

socialistALOHA, ALL!!

Just heard last night – Trick or Treat Night of course – that on the first day of the ObamaCare roll-out a grand total of 6 people signed up.  That’s right.  6. Internal Notes Indicate Only 6 People Signed Up For ObamaCare On The First Day .  That sure makes me feel so much better!!!

The lies continue:  In 2010, Obama officials said more than half of employer-sponsored health plans will be cancelled; means Obama ‘unexpectedly lied’ in Boston on Wednesday

The conservative alternative to ObamaCare.  This is from The Heritage Foundation and Jim DeMint.  Don’t ever let a liberal/lefty tell you that the right hasn’t offered alternatives to this massive SNAFU called ObamaCare!


Friday Funnies – (Shaka to Don)

A large jet plane crashed on a farm in the middle of rural Kentucky. Panic stricken, the local sheriff mobilized and descended on the farm in force. By the time they got there, the aircraft was totally destroyed with only a burned hull left smoldering in a tree line that bordered the farm.  The sheriff and his men entered the smoking mess but could find no remains of anyone. They spotted the farmer plowing a field not too far away as if nothing had happened. They hurried over to the man’s tractor.

“Hank,” the sheriff yelled, panting and out of breath. “Did you see this terrible accident happen?”

“Yep. Sure did,” the farmer mumbled unconcerned, cutting off the tractor’s engine.

“Do you realize that is Air Force One, the airplane of the President of the United States?”


“Were there any survivors?”

“Nope. They’s all kilt straight out,” the farmer answered. “I done buried them all myself. Took me most of the morning.”

“President Obama is dead?” the sheriff asked.

“Well,” the farmer grumbled, restarting his tractor. “He kept a-saying he wasn’t…But you know how bad that sumabitch lies.”

And how about some NewsBusted?  🙂



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  1. NEO says :

    Winner, winner, Don wins this weeks contest. Although the rest, especially the news stories are pretty funny as well. 🙂

    Get rid of your junk insurance so you can (not) by junk insurance for more money. Gotta love socialism, it’d be terrible, if it worked.

  2. American Patriot says :

    Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Is anyone surprised? NO ONE WANTS TO SIGN UP

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