Lying Liar

"I told a lie this big"

“I told a lie this big”


IF BODY LANGUAGE SAYS ANYTHING……it was obvious that Kathleen Sebelius was not only uncomfortable testifying in front of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, she felt it was beneath her.   Poor little Governor John Gilligan‘s daughter.   As was mentioned in the hearing today, she’s not in Kansas anymore.

I guess in Oz men need maternity coverage….

Carl Adds:

Going on a hunch here. But CNN is developing a story about eastern Blue States that have Obama-Mandated Health Exchanges. In those several states where people could actually get to the step that let them review an exchange-offered policy, CNN is reporting the policies they and Insurance Brokers saw, do not allow “insured” to use their own doctor or hospital. We will call that the Second Big Lie. the “progressive equivalent of declaring ketchup a vegetable.”

Preview: Obamacare Marketplace (Oregon). “Platinum” (Highest) Coverage, two adults early sixties, one child under 26, no pre-existing conditions.

$1985 per month – Kaiser (you don’t get to pick your doctor), “zero” deductible, but $6350 Out of Pocket Max (unclear how that happens).

I once talked with a person that had Kaiser. Kid broke arm. It was a nightmare. Kaiser is the future, if Obamacare survives.

Other, less costly plans, $1,300 a month. No physician choice.

No Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Cover Oregon.

No Catastrophic coverage offered. For young people (you know, the ones that said Obama was cool?)

Still gathering information.



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