‘Did Somebody Just Get Faint?’


I bet that was on the teleprompter – turn around and save the day!

I posted a video in the last HDR of a fainting woman at the Obama press conference on Monday.  Remember how Barry helped the lady and turned into a Super Hero?  Did that seem like deja vu?  Well…some clever person has put together a series of clips of people fainting in the presence of the almighty Obama.  (Looks like he’s part of TeamWakeEmUp on YouTube:  “What You Need to Hear.”)  There’s even a clip of Hillary (which is HILL-arious!)  Gotta watch this one – the guy’s ongoing commentary is priceless (Shaka to Scott):

Watching the hearings about the Obamacare website debacle.  Frank Pallone (D-NJ) is an absolute jerk!!

3 Ways Obamacare is Like Healthcare.gov

With His Premiums More Than Doubling, This Dad Would Rather File Bankruptcy Than Deal With Obamacare


Thoughts and prayers to Carl & Gail on the loss of Gail’s mother.  May she rest in peace.


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3 responses to “‘Did Somebody Just Get Faint?’”

  1. NEO says :

    Mine to Carl and Gail as well. God Bless you, my friends.

    For the rest, spin like an auger, and dig that hole. 🙂

    Still I wish so many people weren’t getting hurt, but most voted for this. And yes, Pallone is, and that’s on his nice days.

    Have you noticed the difference between real contractors who get things done and these fools who play the government game? Now you know why the website, and so many other things, don’t work. Competent people can’t stand the atmosphere as a rule. So they end up with mediocre apparatchiks.

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