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I wish I could take credit for the sham wow moniker, but I can’t – I heard it on Fox News today after Barry’s infomercial about how wonderful ObamaCare is.  What an embarrassing display of hucksterism and incompetence it was!  In true insincere form, Obama tried to convince us that “no one is more frustrated than I am” about the abomination that is ObamaCare.  Of course, there were the usual ObamaBots in the background with their Stepford-like smiles and  appropriate applause.  What a joke.

Consumer Reports:  Stay Away From Lucifercare Website!  Consumer Reports’ final advice: “Don’t bother even trying for another couple of weeks. But if all this is too much for you to absorb, follow our previous advice: Stay away from for at least another month if you can.”

Whoops!  President Infomercial: You Guys Just Use the Phone for Obamacare.  Guess what Happens?

TwitchyBut wait….there’s more!!!


NYT:  ObamaCare Website Only the Tip of the Iceberg of Disaster  We’ve had plenty of evidence that the website issues go well beyond coding problems on the front end, where Americans create accounts before gaining access to the actual insurance-plan marketplace. The New York Times reports today that the marketplaces themselves are just as buggy — and that it might take weeks or months to get all the issues fixed.

Kathleen Sebelius Admits ObamaCare Website Wasn’t Tested  After two weeks of review, the HHS secretary concluded, “We didn’t have enough testing, specifically for high volumes, for a very complicated project.”  The online insurance marketplace needed five years of construction and a year of testing, she said: “We had two years and almost no testing.”

Obamacare Seeks to Segregate Doctors, Patients by Race  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under Obamacare — if you both belong to the same race.  Obamacare’s spectacular flop of a rollout distracts from its crude calculus that encourages the allocation of healthcare resources along racial lines and a doctor-patient system splintered into ethnicities.  While the 2010 Patient Protecion and Affordable Care Act’s language on diversity sounds innocuous, a review of the frankly separatist thinking of the law’s ardent supporters indicates Obamacare is aiming for a health care system that puts political correctness above the struggle against illness and death.

Check out this Chart from The Heritage Foundation (Click on it to enlarge):


It’s a Miracle!!!  Obama Saves Fainting Woman  (No Joke!)  “This is what happens when I talk too long.”  No Joke.

Amazing.  Even Hitler is upset.


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    As they say over at Ace’s place, “Top. Men.”

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    God help us all.

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    Thanks, NEO!!

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