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“It wasn’t a negotiation; it was a discussion trying to lead to a negotiation.”  I just heard Rep Jeb Hensarling on Sean Hannity’s show discussing the meeting GOP leaders had with Obama tonight.  It doesn’t sound like much has changed.  Maybe Obama is open to talking about how to get past this shutdown and debt ceiling impasse?  We’ll see.  I’m not holding my breath.

Investors Business Daily is a great source.  Some recent articles of interest:

Is GOP Caving With Victory At Hand?

Hard Truths:  Presidential Report Card 1,725 Days In

No, Failure to Raise Debt Ceiling Won’t Cause Default

PERFECT explanation!  Obama’s Communist-Style Shutdown Campaign


What are your plans this weekend?????

Looks like truckers are fed up and they’re doing something about it, Oct 10-13!   And the Bikers are joining them.  RideForTheConstitution .  Facebook page:  Truckers Ride For The Constitution

So is the Free DC Project:  March on Washington October 12 

I also heard Vets are marching at the Lincoln Memorial.  Just a few.  Million Vet March.  Also 1MVetMarch.  Should be an interesting weekend!  Wanna bet Barry plays golf???

Support the Fisher House Foundation.  Here’s why:  Charity Steps in to Pay Military Survivor Benefits During Shutdown  Oh yeah – it turns out Obama and crew knew about this loss of benefit way before they led on to know.  White House Won’t Say When Obama Knew of Blocked Military Pay Benefits

I don’t think Jay Carney will call on Ed Henry again any time soon!

Carl Adds – Spiting One’s Nose:

If everything dear to American government is shutdown, where did the money come from to schedule the surgery to remove Obama’s nose from his face?


I forgot. He is on the same health insurance plan as Congress.

Barry Soetoro, pick of the litter.

Gilia Adds:  Yes, he really did pick his nose at a meeting.



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