“Because Obama”


Folks….this is one of the best parodies I’ve ever seen!!!!  Must watch!!  (Shaka to Kevin & Susie)

Best lines:

“I’m a scholar on social policy and a barista….I’m just like you.”

“World War III is a very important very progressive war that Obama tells me is very important….so it must be!”

“Thousands of organic, grass-fed bombs.”

There are tons more….you need to watch!!!!!!

Carl Adds:

Take Your Pick: Forest Gump, or Superfly.
And Just When You Think He’s Painted Himself In a Corner. . . . . .
время (Vreemya) Vladimir Has Just Bought Assad Some time (время)
The English Language Variant of “Vladimir” is Venus (satire).
Updated From Month Ago:
Vladimir Putin is a former KGB Colonel, the Station Chief of Dresden East Germany. Despite what our media says about him, and the photos he is portrayed in, he is a very serious man. And he now commands a revitalized Russian military, the likes of which is better positioned near Syria than the 4 US destroyers. And China is a wild card.
I fear we Have Just Had a Trap Sprung on Us. Not That I Favored War, Either. It’s What Happens When One Doesn’t Use Their Words With The UTMOST of Care.


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  1. ctlo34 says :

    In address to nation, Obama says, and media backs him, “Red Line” comment was about his 57 Chevy in Hawaii.

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