Iran Threatens Rape Death of Obama Daughter

HDR Readers….here’s a re-blog from Maggie’s Notebook.  Take heed:

Let’s not forget who Vladimir Putin is deep down inside. The threats coming out of Iran demonstrate how important Syria is to the Ayatollahs. Strange bedfellows Iran and Syria, nevertheless the secular and the “religious” have forged a perfectly dangerous partnership. Russia should be alarmed that they are supporting those who so easily kill children, not just in war, but in the name of Allah for perceived sins, and think nothing of threatening the daughters of a sitting U.S. President with rape before death.

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If you’re in DC on September 16:  Citizen’s Commission to Probe Benghazi Attack

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One response to “Iran Threatens Rape Death of Obama Daughter”

  1. mrethman says :

    Uh… let’s see: Barry the community organizer versus Vlad the former KGB Colonel. Uh, yeah… sure… Barry’s up to it. NOT!

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