Hey Obama: Nyet!


Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall while Barry meets with Vlad in Russia?????  Maybe they can discuss the nuances of riding.



Anyhow….Putin says Kerry is a liar (never thought I’d agree with this guy but he’s right on target here):  Russia to Put Up Missile Shield for Syria  I think Putin saw this exchange between Kerry and Rep Jeff Duncan:  The Meat of the Syria Issue is Benghazi  So where are we?  I’ve heard the calls to Congress are 200 to 1 against striking Syria.  More is coming out about the rebels and their atrocities:  Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West Is it really so hard to believe that they are the ones who used chemical weapons?   Note to Barry:  Just say no.

Carl Adds:

Ronald Reagan’s Four Rules For Military Action
Reagan Rule 1: The United States should not commit its forces to military actions overseas unless the cause is vital to our national interest.
Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reagan Rule 2: If the decision is made to commit our forces to combat abroad, it must be done with the clear intent and support to win. It should not be a halfway or tentative commitment, and there must be clearly defined and realistic objectives.
Reagan Rule 3: Before we commit our troops to combat, there must be reasonable assurance that the cause we are fighting for and the actions we take will have the support of the American people and Congress. (We felt that the Vietnam War had turned into such a tragedy because military action had been undertaken without sufficient assurances that the American people were behind it.)
Reagan Rule 4: Even after all these other tests are met, our troops should be committed to combat only as a last resort, when no other choice is available.
Reagan visits survivors of Beirut Barracks Bombing (241 Marines killed) after taking personal blame for putting his Marines in harm’s way. He immediately pulled troops out of Lebanon in aftermath of terrorist bombing that started the modern era of terrorism. That same week, Reagan rescued 800 US medical students being held by a Marxist dictator in Grenada, also discovering a huge cache of weapons, Cuban, Russian, North Korean, and Libyan forces.  


As a student of his writings, Ronald Reagan would also likely add this: The Commander in Chief must be a serious man, not a political caricature of platitudes. He must enjoy the confidence of those troops he will send into harm’s way, over target, or on the ground. In short, he must be counted on to see through any action he takes.
After fully measuring these rules, looking at them in their historical context, and discussing them with others, the only conclusion one can reach is to oppose the war resolution before Congress.



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  1. ctlo34 says :

    James Woods ✔ @RealJamesWoods

    Only the passion of the true liar can engender such emotion… pic.twitter.com/G3PfPzSuF8
    1:41 PM – 7 Sep 2013
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  2. NEO says :

    Concur, pure and simple. Although I do wish that if they are going to lie to us they would at least show enough respect to tell us lies that take at least an hour to penetrate. And for that matter, have they ever heard of You Tube?

  3. giliar says :

    You’re welcome – your blog is excellent!!!!

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