Rodeo Clown Diplomacy


I’m back after taking most of August off – from blogging but not from life.  I was out of the country (South Africa) for part of the time and also had family commitments – including the death of my patriot mother-in-law – to focus on.  And while much has changed since I’ve been gone, much has stayed the same.  Check out these quotations:

“I think it was a real sense of floundering.”

“Does Obama have a grip on the situation?”

“It’s a policy of rhetorical condemnation.”

Too little too late – it’s purely symbolic.”

“They are calling America’s bluff.”

All these were said by Sky News reporters as I listened to the TV in Cape Town…..about the crisis in Egypt.  But they surely fit for what’s happening now in Syria, n’est pas?  We have an impotent pResident and administration.  When I watched the hearings yesterday about whether the US should strike Syria I had to LOL…John Kerry?  Barbara Boxer?  Bob Menendez?  These were loud critics of President Bush’s supposed “cowboy diplomacy” yet they are OK with the US going solo in Syria??  Obama’s Request to Strike Syria Passes First Step in Senate  Of course, they can’t let their Dear Leader have egg on his face after making a commitment on his “red line.”  Are we really sure Assad initiated the chemical attacks?  Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?  This is all a sad, sick joke.  Yet it’s not funny.  We will pay the price for Barry/Barack’s ineptness.  My opinion:  stay out and let Barry look like the doofus that he is.  The world already knows he’s a paper tiger.  Five Reasons Congress Should Press Obama on Syria   (BTW….DID YOU KNOW THAT THE WHITE HOUSE VISITOR’S LOG IS NOW SECRET?  Obama Conceals White House Visitor’s Log  )  Way to go, Rodeo Clown.

From Carl’s Desk:  News Flashes From The Field

Syria and CIA Director’s alleged conversion to IslamBodansky Has Been In News in Recent Days. This Is Hot.
Cleveland Kidnapper Castro Hangs Self in Cell. Too Bad The Other Castro Didn’t Join Him.
Ft. Hood Terrorist Forcibly Shaved. Ahula Frickin Achbar! Now Give Him a BLT!
Let Er’ Buck. Rodeo Clown Officially Changes Name to Barrack Hussein Chutzpah! Watch Liberal Media Squirm as They Try and Assure us Up is Down, Peace is War, and FLOTUS Lunch Program Tastes Great!
DOD Estimates ‘Over 75,000 Troops’ Needed to Secure Syria’s Chem WeaponsGosh, That Is About Equal to Obama’s Reductions to Our Military in Recent Years. To “Pay” For More Government, Of Course.
Dedicated to Rosemary McCrone Rethman, an American Patriot – she would want us to give ’em hell!!!


P.S.  I actually did this…and it’s NOT a paper tiger!!  IMG_1886


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6 responses to “Rodeo Clown Diplomacy”

  1. charlieboc says :

    Does this mean that Kerry was for Assad before he was against him? Shocking! Charlie

  2. mrethman says :

    Who are we to question the wisdom of our Emperor and Chief Rodeo Clown Barry Soetoro nee Barack Obama? A: We are Americans who recognize that we are in the jam we are in because of Obama — encouraging the Arab Spring that opened the door to radical Islamists. And then His Royalty failed to build a coalition to intervene (if needed) anywhere in the world. Now feckless Obama wants to slap Assad (oh, yeah, who cares about the innocents killed?) for showing him up. SECState Kerry and spouse had dinner with Assad and his main squeeze just four years ago, now Kerry is Obama’s mouthpiece who condemns Assad as he seeks to vindicate Obama’s lip-shooting — a mouthy, arrogant rodeo clown who can’t even see a red line.

    Perhaps Obama should schedule an appointment with Dr. Assad (an eye doctor by training). And both should retire and play golf every day.

  3. Carl says :

    It’s Official! If Congress approves Obama request for war resolution the action will be called: OPERATION REDEEM SELF-ESTEEM

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