Benghazi Exposed: Part II

To continue from Carl’s previous post….note that he has some very credible sources.  Benghazi is about to blow up in Hillary’s and Obama’s faces.

“Only POTUS can give a stand-down order regarding a foreign attack on American assets. If Hillary did that, it was an illegal order, that could be disobeyed.”  Reliable Former Executive Branch Source

Everyone can appreciate the need for operational security. But in intelligence parlance, once an operation is “burned” (uncovered), common sense dictates it would be “unwound” based on several considerations. Paramount among them would be saving and relieving forces, no matter how dangerous the circumstances.

No matter where in the world US reinforcements can be dispatched as “force multipliers,” be they US Marines, F-15’s, C-130 gunships, or “stuff” unknown. No place in the Middle East is more than 2 hours away from a massive response. Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama notwithstanding.

UNLESS! Unless!! Unless!!! an order from POTUS to stand down is given.

Seals, Marines, and the entire Special Ops community would literally have to have a gun at their heads to NOT respond (if nothing else, a Marine NCO would issue orders to a small team to extract survivors and bodies without waiting for permission). And that is what many think is central to Benghazi. ONLY A DIRECT ORDER COULD BE GIVEN TO STAND DOWN WHEN AMERICA’s BRAVEST AND BEST WOULD BE BEATING DOWN DOORS TO GET TO BENGHAZI. Knowledgeable sources that know, insist only Obama could give that order. And we also know the “unusual” changes to the chain of command around the attack. Some pretty high people in uniform were unexpectedly replaced, removed, or disciplined with little or no plausible explanations. If, however, it was done by a hostile White House trying to quickly cover up circumstances that would make Obama look very bad to friend and foe alike, then such dismissals would make sense.

Remember, there are many unanswered questions about Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan.

Stay tuned. Lots of news will likely “melt away” now that someone has gotten word out. Stand back. And don’t be surprised if many of the leaks originated by people inside the intelligence community itself.

Frank Wolf: Benghazi Question #11

By Shoebat Foundation on August 1, 2013 Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) took to the House floor again today for his Benghazi Question of the Day, his eleventh such question. Wolf’s latest question, which was quite simple, had to do with who in the White House knew what was going on at the CIA Annex. Via Wolf’s site: Who in the White House knew […]

Remember....Obama was campaigning for reelection with a big Vegas fundraiser Sept 12.  He couldn't be bothered with any 'bumps in the road'

Remember….Obama was campaigning for reelection with a big Vegas fundraiser Sept 12. He couldn’t be bothered with any ‘bumps in the road’



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