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Preezy gave a big speech on the economy today. Things are turning around….he will not allow gridlock…we can’t repeat past fiascos.  He blames Republicans for “phony scandals.”  In reality, he’s campaigning now for the 2014 midterm elections.  He’s scared $h1tless that he’s going to lose the Senate, let alone making gains in the House.  His poll numbers have plummeted so his PR campaign begins.  Of course, his Martha’s Vineyard vacation is still intact.  Obama Talks Up Economy, Hits GOP on ‘Phony Scandals’     Funny thing – no mention of how wonderful the economy is in Detroit.  Must have been an oversight.

I almost wasn’t even going to go here, but…OOPS!  HE DID IT AGAIN!  Ex-Rep Weiner:  I Did It Yet Again  Of course his wife, Huma ‘I-Have-Muslim-Brotherhood-Relatives’ Abedin stands by her man.  I joked on Facebook that maybe she has 72 virgins waiting for her ultimate reward.  My friend Biz retorted “72 weiners maybe???”  😉

Rangel:  Voters Will Forget Weiner Sexting Scandal By Dem Primary  Note to New York:  If you elect this idiot you are officially the stupidest people on the planet.  (Scott sent the excellent image below!)


Carl Writes:

The Wheels Turn Slowly. Thank God there are still investigative reporters, as well as others that do their jobs professionally.

Who Is the Savvy William Wilkins? (Now Center in IRS Scandal)

Buckle in. We are now at the point of…. “what did the president know, and when?”
This is the self-same Bill Wilkins whose office was named just the other day by IRS lawyer and tax specialist Carter Hull as the place where all those Tea Party applications seemed to find themselves mysteriously mired in bureaucratic molasses. Noted the Wall Street Journal in an editorial titled “The IRS Goes to Washington”
Benghazi Breaks – It takes “New” News to Wake Us Up About Benghazi. Here is Some
Gilia Adds:  Rep Frank Wolf Has been asking a “Benghazi Question of the Day” every day on the House floor.  He plans to do this until the August recess.  Here’s question #7.  You can also see previous “Benghazi Questions of the Day” on YouTube:
Many Times Foreign Media Tell More Than US:  Pentagon Does About-Face On Key Benghazi Witness

Another Reason to Think Hard About Boehner:  Boehner Blocking Benghazi Investigation
Gilia adds:
You’ve seen all those ads touting “Pure Michigan?”  Here’s one promoting “Pure Detroit.”  Gotta love it!!!  (Shaka to Scott)


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9 responses to “Blah, Blah, Blah”

  1. Carl says :

    A full Custom Google Search of the Huma Abedin scandal (that she is Muslim Brotherhood nobility) peaked in August, 2012. Just short of Benghazi. Worthy of note, John McCain issued a press release defending Abedin and Hillary’s choice of her.

    McCain’s dad was my CINC for Wesapc as a young Marine. I will leave it at that out of respect for the Senior McCain.

  2. mike Harrel says :

    Actually, Washington DC has the stupidest people on the planet when they reelected Marion Berry–but this would be a close second. Some people have an amazing tolerance for corruption.

    • giliar says :

      Can’t disagree with you on that, Mike. I guess the tolerance for corruption is in direct proportion to the amount of freebies given out (I think Steve H & Mike R should do a study on that…..)

    • Tom says :

      Thank you for placing the blame where it belongs–on the PEOPLE.

  3. NEO says :

    Benghazi and the IRS, pick your scandal, something for everyone! Either one should be enough to blow a presidency out of the water, which tells you the power of the media, together they should be enough for 2014. 2016? Not a clue. But we best be ready to fight fire with flamethrowers, cause I think it’ll be very ugly.

  4. David says :


    I see that you are still doing the fine work of a patriot. Thanks from all of us young Lady. Two things. Campaigning? Yes! Why? I think Bengahzi scares him worse than anything. The 2012 election still stinks. IT’s got huge holes in it. We gonna see that again?

    Take care little Lady!

    • giliar says :

      Thank you, David!!!!! More will drip, drip drip out about Benghazi but the American people all have ADD and move on. It’s unfortunate that most seem to not care about these “phony scandals” but sure do wonder what The Kardashians are wearing. It sickens me. Two things right now that are vitally important: 1) That the House stands firm on not funding ObamaCare when the whole mess blows up again in September and 2) That the GOP retains control of the House and wins the Senate in 2014. While I can only count on my fingers the GOPers who I respect, at least if they control both Houses of Congress it will hamstring Obama until he is out of there in 2016.

      You take care, too!!!!!

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