Verdict: Involuntary Racism!


One of my favorite blogs is called “The People’s Cube.”  It proudly proclaims itself as “The first shovel-ready website on the internet.”  The PC’s take on the George Zimmerman trial is priceless – this is a MUST SEE!!!!!  Zimmerman to be Charged with Involuntary Racism

Here’s a taste:

The latter charge also carries a 20 year sentence, which is favored by judges because this number coincides with all ten fingers and toes, making it easier for defendants to count backwards when estimating their parole dates. However, as a race criminal, Zimmerman will be disqualified from parole, unlike less serious criminals such as rapists and non-hate-crime murderers.


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2 responses to “Verdict: Involuntary Racism!”

  1. Carl says :

    After hearing all the media coverage and outrage, I must say I have doubts about Zimmerman’s innocence.

    Wait a minute. ‘Reasonable doubt’ comes down on the side of the defendant. Or once did.

    Sadly, we live in times where one must explain to the uneducated masses basics like the Constitution.

    • giliar says :

      Hey Carl et al… this twist from Michele Malkin’s blog today: Holder Should Pursue Civil Rights Violations in the Zimmerman Case “Immediately after the verdict was announced, however, the NAACP and outspoken activist Al Sharpton called on the Justice Department to launch a federal civil-rights probe, charging that the case had been racially tainted. Dershowitz is calling for a civil-rights probe as well. But he contends the person whose rights were violated was Zimmerman.” Alan Dershowitz – former left-winger who has gotten wise.

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