Happy Birthday US Army!

A watercolor painting depicting a variety of C...

A watercolor painting depicting a variety of Continental Army soldiers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My friend NEO at Nebraska Energy Observer wrote a wonderful tribute to the US Army, celebrating its 238th birthday.  God bless.  NEO’s post is re-blogged below.

Army of the Free

238 Years. That a pretty good chunk of history. Especially if you’ve spent it on point, dying for what you believe, like these guys.

Cause you see 238 years ago (yesterday) a little group of men formed an institution, it was called the Continental Army, at the time Soon it would find it’s first great commander, a guy by the name of George Washington, as it learned about being an army, while in the field against the greatest empire in the world. But in a year the body in answered to decided we really were going to be a country when Thomas Jefferson told the world all about it. Eventually they ended up in winter quarters at a place in Pennsylvania called Valley Forge, and while they were there they learned quite a lot about being an army.

Read more HERE.  NEO writes the best historial posts I’ve seen!!!!




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