Snowden Updates and Eye Pokes

From Carl:

More on Snowden: Five Clarifications We Can’t Ask of Edward Snowden (Very Interesting Information)


Steps he claims US took since he broke cover

More explosive details on US surveillance targets


IRS “Rogue” Lois Lerner, Still Acesses Her Govt. Computer 

Remember Obamacare? The Stimulus? Four Words to Watch in the Immigration Debate

Today’s Duh Moment: Bush More Popular than Obama

"I hate when that happens!!"

“I hate when that happens!!”

Red China Pokes Al Gore in Eye: Exclusive: China Translates 1,200-Page Rebuttal to Climate Change Agenda

Don’t Look Now, But – Illegal Crossings Up 9%

And Don’t Believe Those “Conservative” Radio Ads Being Played. In fact, call the Senate Switchboard to have your voice heard! Light it up! (202) 224-3121


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4 responses to “Snowden Updates and Eye Pokes”

  1. ctlo34 says :

    NSA – Obama: The vast programs we have that collect your phone and e-mails have allowed us to track a rogue Army major that planned on using workplace violence and killing over a dozen US troops. We can also confirm we have been watching radicals from Chechnya as they have collected frequent flyer miles between return trips to Russia. Please know, we will drone these suspects with Hellfire missles as soon as we can get a clear shot. Let me be clear, we will get to the bottom of all this. It’s the Chicago way.

    • giliar says :

      LOL, Carl!!!!! Although it’s really not a laughing matter……

      • ctlo34 says :

        It does point up the false narrative that all this spying is keeping us safe. There may be another potential terrorist attack that was averted. But I am so untrusting (to use a Clapper-like term) of Obama he has no credibility with me. Just being honest.

      • giliar says :

        I agree! We keep hearing that “dozens” of plots have been averted. Frankly, if it wasn’t the Obama administration I would be more trusting. But they don’t have a good track record when it comes to gathering data and keeping it away from those who have no business knowing about it.

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