Crossing The Line



Carl Writes:

There comes a point when one’s government leaders go from being thuggish, to actually being Totalitarian. Don’t look now, but I think we have crossed that line. The question is what combination of reporting and citizen outrage will it take to start removing some of these people from office?

NSA, FBI secretly mining data from Internet firms

Obama administration collecting phone records of millions daily

Secret court order requires VERIZON to hand over ALL CALL DATA

WH defends: Critical tool against ‘terrorist threats’

Specifically targeted Americans, not foreigners

‘Homeland Security’: Laptops, phones can be searched based on hunches

NSA SEES ALL: Phone Sex, Banks, Emails

CIA: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

NYT: Obama Admin ‘Has Now Lost All Credibility’

Holder Refuses to Answer Whether DOJ Spied on Members of Congress

Valerie Jarrett: Eric Holder’s Going Nowhere

More Perjury: Verizon Scandal: Intel Director Testified in March that Gov. Does Not Collect Data on Americans

Mark Levin: ‘We have the elements of a police state’

Gilia Adds:

You’ll hear liberal Obama sycophants say  that this whole Verizon snooping deal started under Bush (yes….it’s his fault, of course!)  But there are differences.  BIG ones.  The new Obama order covers not only phone calls overseas with the specific goal of counterterrorism surveillance, but all domestic calls by Verizon customers over at least a three-month period.  History Lesson:  The Crucial Differences Between Bush and Obama’s NSA Phone Surveillance Programs   And this:  Here is another key difference between the Bush and Obama administration programs.  Bush was fully engaged and committed to the war on terror when the NSA programs were first exposed in 2005, four short years after the bloody 9/11 attacks.  Obama, by contrast, immediately rejected the war on terror for “workplace violence”/”overseas contingency operations” euphemisms and officially declared last week that America’s war on terror is over.

They’re Naming Names (Shaka to Scott).  IRS Officials Naming Names of Those in DC Who Oversaw Targeting   “I was essentially a front person, because I had no autonomy or no authority to act on [applications] without Carter Hull’s influence or input,” Elizabeth Hofacre, a Cincinnati agent, said according to transcripts of the interviews between two Cincinnati IRS agents and congressional investigators. According to the Journal, Hull is an an IRS lawyer in Washington, and “closely oversaw her work and suggested some of the questions asked applicants.”

And Since we Need a Little Humor…..

This is Faris Fink (yes, that’s his real name.)  He’s the IRS guy who played Spock in the infamous Star Trek video that we paid millions for.  It was supposedly a “team building exercise.”  Meanwhile, Fink is a Deputy Commissioner of the IRS who apparently knows nothing.  Beam them OUT, Scotty!!!!! 




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