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TransparencyALOHA, ALL!!

This administration is about as transparent as a burka.  Remember how Barry/Barack Soetoro/Obama promised the most transparent administration in history?  It’s been anything but.  Now we find out that within this oh-so-opaque den of political hacks, secret email addresses are being used so discussions can take place without us knowing about them.

Sebelius, Other Obama Appointees Using Secret Email Addresses  “Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson, aka Richard Windsor, was apparently the rule and not the exception when it came to multiple and secret email accounts.”  And:  Obama’s Top Brass Use Private Email to Avoid Turning Over Information to the Public  “…many of President Obama’s political appointees use personal email to avoid the Freedom of Information Act and other legal and transparency requirements on a regular basis.”  Barry said this in 2009:

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, BARRY!!!!  If this is your idea of transparency you need to go back to Punahou and learn what the word actually means.  “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this Presidency.”  LOL!!!!!!

DOJ Denies Perjury Charge Against Holder; Holder Not Responding  Beuhler?  Buehler?  “Reps. Bob Goodlatte and James Sensenbrenner of the House Judiciary Committee finally got a response to their letter, but not from the addressee, and that has them steamed. In what the Times-Dispatch called “an attempt to mollify Republican lawmakers,” Eric Holder handed off the demand for an explanation of seemingly false testimony to the committee on May 15th to a subordinate.”

Special Election to fill Lautenberg’s Seat  “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Tuesday called an Oct. 16 special election to fill the late-Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s (D) seat, sending voters to the polls just weeks before he faces his own reelection. Christie argued his decision to hold the election in mid-October rather than have it coincide with the Nov. 4 gubernatorial election was required by the legal statutes.”

Black Leaders Plan to Protest Illegal Amnesty  “Recognizing the detrimental jobs effect amnesty of 12 million illegal aliens most certainly will have on the black community, BALA has scheduled a march on DC June 15th. The organization hopes to bring attention to the sky-high unemployment rate in the black community as well as the disaster the proposed immigration legislation would be for the jobs market.”

IG Report Finds Broad, Wasteful Spending at IRS Conferences  “IRS officials spent $49 million across 225 conferences between 2010 and 2012, according to a government report released Tuesday. One division of the Internal Revenue Service spent more than $4 million on a single 2010 conference in Anaheim, Calif., including on “Star Trek” parody video that has already caused the agency embarrassment.”

BREAKING!  More IRS inside info from Carl:  Joseph Curl, a columnist for the Washington Times and Editor at the Drudge Report, says he has sources that the IRS scandal is about to explode:

Hearing from some top Hill sources that IRS scandal about to explode. Low-level agency workers miffed at being blamed. About to return fire.

— Joseph Curl (@josephcurl) June 3, 2013

One source says there’s a paper trail to DC, and some who were worried from the get-go kept a paper trail. Wouldn’t say WH, but said ‘high.’

— Joseph Curl (@josephcurl) June 3, 2013

Based on the stuff we already know, I think this is likely a solid report.

Last But Not Least…..

Great Historical Post by my Friend NEO at Nebraska Energy Observer blog.  The Battle of Midway was happening 71 years ago.  It changed the course of history:  Midway



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  1. Carl says :

    My father’s Marine Aviation unit, VMSB 241 were the first in at Midway. He later joined the unit at Guadalcanal, where he distinguished himself in battle. His unit was also near Pappy Boyington’s 214, and Ace and later governor Joe Foss. FDR even let Lindburg fly a mission with the Marines during that time. My dad is 91, and the last one left.

    • giliar says :

      Wow….great story Carl. Your Dad is a true treasure! Mike’s Dad is 97. We need to honor these brave individuals.

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