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It’s Monday – Some food for thought as you start your week.  But beware – you’ll likely get heartburn.  Or get dizzy.  Or both.

Carl Writes:

WELL, SO FAR, MAYBE: Eric Holder’s Worst Week Ever?

BYRON YORK: Why is the Benghazi military story still classified?

Obama’s War On The Constitution: The president, who first campaigned on a claim to constitutional expertise, is now the document’s biggest threat. (My Only Disagreement  – Obama was NOT a law professor, only a lecturer and poorly received at that)

A FEW ROGUE EMPLOYEES? IRS idea of “a few” turns out to be … 88.

Gotta See This! “So what’s that old Santayana line about those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it? Can we mix that in with Karl Marx’s line about history repeating itself as farce? Either way, this video juxtaposition of Nixon and Obama, from, is sure to leave a mark.”  Brothers from another mother???

Easter Egg Roll(ed): Would You Believe Wife of Former IRS Head Is an Exec at Left-Wing Political Action Group?

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Holder Becomes A Family Liability. “It is a frightening thing to realize that your top law enforcement officer, the Attorney General of the United States, is a little bit of a Fredo. But that’s what we’re faced with as America discovers that Eric Holder either flat-out lied to Congress, or he’s too damn stupid to be the AG.”


Court challenges could tear down major pieces of ObamaCare

Gilia Adds:


Still think Hillary’s a lock for 2016?  Not so fast.

Benghazi Erodes Hillary’s Favorability Ratings  “Back in February, the former Secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential contender sat at a comfortable 61% -34% favorable/unfavorable rating. Today that has dropped to 52% – 40%. It is fairly obvious that, despite the media’s best efforts to protect her, the scandal surrounding Benghazi is finally taking the toll it should.”

Why Democrats Might Reject Hillary Clinton in 2016

Circle the wagons.  Brokaw:  Obama Scandals Not As Bad As Abu Ghraib  “Brokaw seems to be employing a tactic common among has-been journalists these days. They seem to be afraid that any story seen as “bigger” than the stories they covered in their day somehow diminishes their life work, and therefore any suggestion to this effect must be smacked down immediately.”

LOVE NewsBusted!  Check out the clip on Obama not saluting the Marine…



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  1. Tom says :

    “Still think Hillary’s a lock for 2016? Not so fast.” — The broad is old, losing her looks (such as they were), had a stroke, and said she was completely retiring. What will it take to convince you people that she can’t and won’t run??? If she was running, she would have replaced Biden in 2012. When she doesn’t run in 2016, certain people will look as silly as Dick Morris and his “Condi vs. Hillary” projection.

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