Memorial Day


It’s Memorial Day.  Never forget those who died for freedom.

Carl Writes:

If one cannot find the proper judge, one just buys another:  Breaking: Holder DOJ Went Judge Shopping to Three Different Judges Armed With Criminal Warrants for James Rosen

The Only 5 Things You Need To Know About Investing (Agreed)

Memorial Day Special Guest: Reagan Memorial Day Address

More than 6,700 members of military have died since conflict in Afghanistan began

Marine Sgt. Charles I. Cartwright – November 7, 2009
26, of Union Bridge, Md.; assigned to 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, Camp… [Read More]

Hero's best friend: Dogs help to heal veterans' war wounds

Dems prepare game plan for Benghazi

House lawmakers press on with IRS investigation over recess

ROGER SIMON: Global Cooling On Memorial Day? “This strange freezing weather is oddly symbolic on this Memorial Day for the situation of liberalism in general right now, which is being exposed as phony and venal across the board from Benghazi to the IRS to the surveillance of the press — an ideology cracking like thin ice on a winter’s day.”

Gilia Adds:

Amazing, amazing video!  This was sent to me by HDR reader Bob in Texas.  Some background:

A true story about 19 Marines killed on Makin Island in WW2 (defending against the Japanese). The Marines had to retreat, so they asked the islanders to please bury the dead for them.

Years later, they checked and found a man who had been a teenager then and remembered where they were buried. They sent a C130 and an honor guard and found all 19 had been buried with their helmets on, their rifles in their hands, in perfect condition. The islanders had really done a wonderful job. As they were loading the bodies, a voice from out of nowhere started singing “The Marine Hymn”……….gave everyone goose bumps. Turns out, the voice was from a man who spoke no English but remembered a song the Marines taught him when they landed. Very touching. They got all 19 and their photos are at the end.

Speaking of Benghazi (Shaka to Jessie)


This is how George Bush spends Memorial Day weekend (Also from Jessie):  George Bush Rides With Wounded Warriors, Begins More Robust Effort to Help Veterans  And here’s more info on the Bush Institute’s Circles of Excellent Program:  Circles

And finally, a video I found posted on The Black Sphere site.  Who really answers that 3:00 am phone call?  Hint:  it’s not Hillary Clinton…or Barack Obama.  We must never forget the ultimate sacrifice so many have made!



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